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This wind chime plays the famous tones of London's Big Ben, pealing out glorious sounds of celebration and spiritual richness.

The unique sound of these long tubes is the result of a phenomenon called the missing fundamental, a special way our brain perceives the vibrations from our ear. This occurs when a sound's overtones suggest a frequency to our ear that the sound itself lacks. Our Chimes of Westminster play the same traditional and joyous melody as the Westminster Quarters heard in the streets of central London for over 150 years.

Pause a brief while with me, to hear
The chimes which are floating sweet and clear,
Above the city's rush and roar,
As a wild bird's song by a lakelet's shore...
From Westminster Chimes by Maxwell Gray.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

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Chimes of Westminster®

Customer Reviews

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Deborah O’Brien
Beautiful Craftmanship!!

So beautiful looking. The sounds it makes isn't overwhelming. It is very soothing.

This was a bridal shower

This was a bridal shower gift which was cancelled due to the virus situation. It will now be part of her wedding gift for August wedding!!! Still in the box!!! We have several of your chimes & LOVE them!!! Thanks for what you do!!!

Westminister Chimes

I bought these as a gift to my Mom. She absolutely LOVES them. She lives on a 40 acre property and they can be heard from a great distance. Thank you for producing such great quality chimes.

Was given to a friend

Was given to a friend for house, as we had visited Westminster together! She liked them so much, she took to her office in University!

Chimes of Westminster

My parents were given this for Christmas. They are tremendously enjoying it. Very nice craftsmanship. Lovely and beautiful sounds! Just like the example you display with it. Am hugely pleased with my purchase. Can you please tell me what type of varnish could be used to keep wood parts from discoloring?

Hello Rodney,
We are happy to hear how well your gift was received.
To maintain the wood parts of your chime, periodically apply a thin layer of exterior use Danish or lemon oil with a clean cloth to the wood. Regular oiling will help protect the wood and retard the natural aging process.
How to care for various Woodstock Chimes products can be found online at
I hope this was helpful.

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