z-2a) Repair Kit for Encore Chimes that have a 5.25-inch top

Encore windcatcher, clapper and 20' of 80lb black windchime string.

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Has your chime temporarily lost it's music? You may need to replace the Center Unit. This is replacement Encore style clapper, windcatcher and 80lb gauge black string (enough for the entire chime). This kit works for chimes with a top wood piece measuring 5.25 inches in diameter. This style has the Bubinga finish and is meant for our Encore Collection chimes.

This repair kit DOES NOT include the wood chime top. If you also need a chime top replacement, please order the 5.25-inch Wood Chime Top for Encore Chimes.

Download the chime top template here. Be sure to print the template full size (do not resize for your printer/paper).

Here's a video on how to restring your chime.

Please note: a staple gun is required to perform this repair. Don't have one? Click here for our refurbish form and we'll fix it for you.
Product SKU: R-KITEN5
Dimensions: 0