z-1d) 8.25-inch Wood Chime Top for Signature Chimes

8.25" diameter wood top for a Signature Collection chime.

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Product SKU: R-TOPSI8
Dimensions: 8.25" diameter
Is your chime weathered and looking a bit sad? Refurbish it yourself with this 8.25 inch chime top to repair your Signature Collection style wind chime. Ash wood with cherry finish for a classic Woodstock Chime look. Chime stringing instructions are included.

Need the string, clapper and windcatcher as well? Order the Repair Kit for Signature Chimes with 8.25-inch top.

Download the chime top template here. Be sure to print the template full size (do not resize for your printer/paper).

Here's a video on how to restring your chime.

Please note: a staple gun is required to perform this repair. Don't have one? Click here for our refurbish form and we'll fix it for you.
Product SKU: R-TOPSI8
Dimensions: 8.25" diameter