Woodstock Crystal Suncatchers

Incorporating genuine Austrian crystals, they are
crystal suncatchers that do for light what our chimes do for sound tm

Woodstock Crystal Suncatchers Woodstock Crystal Suncatchers Woodstock Crystal Suncatchers Woodstock Crystal Suncatchers 

Woodstock Crystal Suncatchers come in a variety of styles including: Crystal Cascades, Crystal Guardian Angels, and Crystal Fantasies.

  • Crystal Cascades consist of a progression of colored crystals - choose the style that suits you best, there are a number of them, including heart, rainbow and moonlight versions. All are accented with a large clear crystal drop at the bottom. Crystal Grand Cascades are larger cascades. They come in a range of colors and color combinations.

  • Crystal Guardian Angels are small, colorful crystal clusters in the shape of an angel. These shimmering charmers can serve as remembrance of love and friendship or a reminder that someone is keeping watch. There are 12 angels in all, each represents the birthstone of a particular month, but many simply select the color they like best.

  • Crystal Fantasies come with a silver laser-cut charm at the top. There are many styles to choose from, find the one that sparks your fancy. Is it an angel, butterfly, cats, dog, teddy bear, dragonfly, fairy, hummingbird, rose or our beautiful tree of life? Select Crystal Fantasies are also available in a large size.

Whichever style you choose, we recommend you hang your Woodstock Crystal Suncatcher indoors.

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