Chime Refurbishing

Does your old Woodstock Chime need a little TLC?
Perhaps your strings are threatening to break or your windcatcher is worn?
We offer refurbishing services for most Woodstock Chimes at a reasonable price.
So send in those chimes and let's get them ready for next season!

Can you refurbish my Woodstock Chime?

Refurbishing services are available to customers in the U.S. and its territories.

Refurbishing is available for many of our Signature Collection Chimes. Depending on the style of the chime, we will replace the wood and string parts, re-string the chime and ship it back to you for a fee. For some chimes, it is necessary to also replace the metal parts - please carefully fill out the section of the form that talks about this so there's no confusion on this point.

A classic Woodstock Chimes, blowing in the wind

We offer refurbishing on pretty much anything with a wood top and clapper and our classic "Church Window" windcatcher shape. Call us or send us a picture of your chime.

Here is a list of some of the chimes we can refurbish:

This list is not definitive - if your chime is not listed or you don't know what chime you have, please use the "Unknown" option on the Refurbish Request Form and fill in the information requested.

To initiate refurbishing service for your chime, please complete our Refurbish Request Form. Once we have reviewed your request we will provide you with additional information, including a Return Authorization Number, shipping instructions and the exact cost to refurbish your Woodstock Chimes.

Why do you need to know what chime it is before I send it in?

That way there are no surprises!

By confirming what chime before shipping it to us, you can be confident that the chime you're sending in can be refurbished. That way you aren't sending it to us only to have it returned to you in the same state.

Also, pinpointing what Woodstock Chime is it allows us to give you an accurate quote of the refurbishing costs. We don't enjoy calling customers and telling them their refurbishing job is going to cost more than anticipated.

Lastly, we want to make sure it's a Woodstock Chime that we can refurbish and if it isn't, we want to be able to discuss other options that are available for you.

How can I tell what Woodstock Chime I have?

Try looking at the windcatcher hanging from the bottom of your chime. The product name often appears here.

No luck? Measure the longest and shortest tubes of your chime along with the diameter (across) of the wood top and include that information on the Refurbish Request Form. Please include the tube color and shape (round or square) and the wood color and shape of the wood top as well.

It's also helpful to email us a picture of your chime - send it to and make a note that you emailed us a picture in the "Quick Note" area of the form.

My chime needs TLC, but it's not a Woodstock Chime - can you help?

Woodstock Chimes can only refurbish Woodstock Chimes. We do not refurbish other manufacturer's chimes.

How much does refurbishing cost?

The cost of refurbishing depends on the chime. A good rule of thumb is that refurbishing costs about half of what it would cost to replacement the chime with a new one. Once you fill out the Refurbish Request Form, our refurbishing specialist will contact you with pricing information so you can make an informed decision. And don't worry - we'll provide all this with no obligation.

How long does it take?

Generally refurbishing takes between 4 - 6 weeks after the chime has been received in our warehouse.

Exact timing depends on a number of factors, including warehouse activity level. Refurbishing services are grouped and happen approximately once a month, so it also depends on when during that cycle your chime arrives. This last factor is dictated by chance. Since refurbishing does not follow a set schedule, it's not possible to anticipate when refurbishing will occur.

Why can't you refurbish every Woodstock Chime?

There are a number of reasons why we might not be able to refurbish your Woodstock Chime.

  • Some Woodstock Chimes incorporate decorative elements that we can't replace.
  • Our Woodstock Windsinger Chimes are strung using large, specialized machines that we don't have available to us locally.
  • There are so many variations of the wood and tubes (color, shape, size, etc.) that we aren't able to accommodate everyone.

With that said, we do have options, so feel free to email us at Our refurbish specialist would be happy to review all your options with you!