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In 1979, Grammy® Award winning musician and instrument designer Garry Kvistad founded Woodstock Percussion with a single great idea – to make the world’s best sounding windchime. He’s been creating his world-famous, musically-tuned Woodstock Chimes® ever since. In 1986 he added children’s musical instruments to the lineup, creating the Woodstock Music Collection®. Today his company offers a unique variety of high-quality, affordable musical gifts from around the world that inspire, entertain and bring pleasure to people of all ages.

The Woodstock Mission:

To produce musically-tuned, affordable, high-quality products that enhance well-being through beautiful sights and sounds. We strive for sustainability, supported by our business practices, our wind-powered chimes and our people-powered instruments.

Why Choose Woodstock Chimes?

  • Woodstock Chimes are the original, musically-tuned high quality windchime
  • Woodstock Chimes are tuned to beautiful melodies and scales from around the world
  • Woodstock Chimes were created by GRAMMY award winning musician Garry Kvistad
  • Available in a wide range of styles, songs and sizes, you can choose the Woodstock Chime that speaks to your soul
  • We stand behind every product we make with a one year warranty and a lifetime tuning guarantee on our musically-tuned chimes.
  • Woodstock Chimes are The World’s Favorite Windchime™ - the chime more people ask for by name
  • Woodstock Chimes are the choice of discerning customers for over 35 years!

Why Choose Woodstock Music Collection?

  • Our musical instruments are fun, educational and creative - and they're selected by professional musicians
  • Song sheets and easy-to-follow instructions are included, making it easy to start making music
  • With both classic and original designs, there's an instrument for everyone!
  • Our children's musical instruments are safety tested and age graded
  • The Woodstock Music Collection has instruments for children of all ages (even grown-ups!)

We’re always listening:

We not only love listening to our products, we love listening to our customers. Let us know if you have something we should hear!
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Want to know more?

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Woodstock Chimes founder and owner Garry Kvistad says it best