Here's your October horoscope - the birthstone for October is Pink Tourmaline.


Ladies and gents born in the month of October have an intrinsic need for harmony. Fairness and equality rank high in importance, and they have a knack for seeing all sides to a situation. This ability makes them great at debating, but also at giving insightful advice. Friends and family are typically drawn to them when making tough decisions due to their diplomacy. Oddly, October-born individuals can have trouble making their own decisions! Their foresight and ability to see every side can cause overthinking at times. When chosen to do so, these natural-born leaders can become great peacemakers, spreading beauty and kindness to everyone in their path.

In the Northern Hemisphere, October is the first full month of autumn. The warmth from summer may still linger throughout the day, but the sun is noticeably lower in the sky. The cooler nights are a harbinger of what is to come in months ahead. The leaves on the trees are changing from greens to reds, oranges and yellows, leaving a carpet of rich color as they fall to the ground. This is the traditional month of harvest, a reward for the hard work that has been done in previous seasons!

October is represented by two birthstones, opal and pink tourmaline. Opal is said to display every color in existence, making it the "Queen of Gems." Pink tourmaline bestows hope to those who carry or wear it. Both stones have beautiful, rosy hues, symbolizing love and self-worth.


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The birthstone for October is pink tourmaline. Here are products that incorporate pink in their design:

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