Here's your December horoscope - the birthstone for December is Blue Zircon.


The kind-hearted individuals born in the month of December seem to know exactly what they want from day one. It's as if they are born knowing their mission in life! This knowing is supported by a solid foundation, as they tend to be rational, focused and driven. These characteristics are beautifully complemented by their optimistic and fun-loving nature, which tends to create inspiration in those around them. The combination of these qualities leads to an extremely active disposition, whether physically or mentally, in whatever pursuit they bring their focus to. While their honesty can oftentimes feel a bit blunt, they are actually providing a sort of guidance, helping others to remove the veil of illusion and move forward in a practical way. They have the ability to take an idealistic dream and translate it into practical terms so that the dream can take shape and develop into something solid. This is their forte!

In the Northern Hemisphere December marks the end of autumn, and ushers in the winter season. In some areas the first snow has fallen, covering the earth in a soft, glittering ivory blanket. Joyful end-of-year celebrations are in full swing, bringing families and friends together to enjoy good company. We reflect on the past year, and prepare to wipe the slate clean as we set new intentions for the upcoming year.

Blue zircon is one of the few birthstones representing the month of December. Being the oldest mineral on Earth and even found in the Earth's crust, blue zircon is known to be extremely grounding. Ancient wisdom states that this stone has the power to relieve pain, and provides protection to the wearer when traveling.


Here are great gifts for folks who were born in December

The birthstone for December is blue zircon. Here are products that incorporate blue in their design:

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