Here's your September horoscope - the color for September is sapphire blue.

Those born in the month of September have a knack for seeing every little detail. Their attention to these fine details can make them come across as critical and blunt. However, these individuals are oftentimes misunderstood, as they are only trying to help! These are true perfectionists and their critical nature is mainly turned inward. They are born with a discriminating eye, which leads to an extravagant taste. These souls have the mind of an engineer and the dexterity of an artist. There is something pure about September-born people. It's this purity that can be confused for perfection. Hard-working and self-sacrificing, these folks need to be careful about burning the candle at both ends. They will give until there is no more to be given.

In the Northern Hemisphere, September signals the end of summer. The days are gradually becoming shorter and we begin to feel an autumn chill, reminding us that it's time to prepare for colder months ahead. We return to routines that were on hold for the summer, students and teachers go back to school, and all of us feel a renewed sense of purpose and energy. The qualities of folks born in September reflect the vitality of the season.

The traditional birthstone for September is the blue sapphire. This stone represents purity and wisdom and brings focus and self-discipline to anyone who carries or wears it.

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