Here's your January horoscope - the color for January is red.

The ambitious, charming, and secretly sensitive individuals born in January are classic overachievers by nature. These folks have the ability to juggle multiple tasks (all within different fields), complete each task (prior to the deadline), and come out as number one across the board (because the quality of their work is always impeccable). Their methodical way of living life is what keeps them solid and calm. Any deviation from their agenda can cause stress and agitation. However, they are great at reworking their plans quickly so that they can resume a task, stilling the internal waters once again and continuing on course. These individuals are naturally curious, and critical, of the shortcomings and plights of others. It's not that they are mean, they just have the ability to see the answer to any problem and can't understand why it hasn't been tackled yet! As they get older and become more evolved, they begin to take steps towards being outwardly compassionate and strive to be more understanding of others. Their hidden sensitivity and romantic nature is complemented by a marvelously goofy sense of humor that will be seen only by those closest to them.

In the Northern Hemisphere winter has officially arrived. Some may choose to hunker down indoors, planning for and meditating on the year ahead. Many will brave the outdoors to play, as Mother Nature's winter wonderland beckons, while others will choose to travel to warmer climates. January marks a new year, a fresh start, and the motivation to set new goals for the coming months.

Garnet is the official birthstone for January. Regarded as the "gem of faith,” it is thought to bring prosperity and strength to those who do good deeds while wearing it. It is said that perseverance, good health and success will follow those who carry or wear garnet. A powerful symbol of friendship, it is a meaningful gift for those most cherished in life.

Here are great gifts for folks who were born in January

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