Here's your February horoscope - the birthstone for February is amethyst.

Those born in the month of February are innovative trailblazers and philanthropists by nature. Big-hearted and confident in their ability to take charge, they are ready to guide others in whatever cause is speaking to them at the moment. February-born individuals are unique, possessing the ability to turn inward and see future trends. This gift of seeing into the future is typically used to support and/or bring about necessary evolution for the greater good. An air of mystery surrounds them and they can be almost otherworldly! Not particularly chatty, they may be misunderstood and must take care not to alienate others with their confidence and visionary abilities. Blessed with a deep devotion to their life's work, these folks can fearlessly guide the rest of the world towards new and exciting possibilities.

In the Northern Hemisphere February falls in the heart of winter. While Mother Nature sleeps and prepares for the next cycle of life, we may choose to turn inward and give attention to our hopes for the months ahead. If you were born in February you are very likely in tune with this rhythm. You may even thrive at this time of the year!

Amethyst is the birthstone for February, its purple hue related to higher consciousness and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst promotes clarity and serenity, and transforms negative emotions into love. This stone bestows the wearer with an inner peace and is said to increase healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Here are great gifts for folks who were born in February

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