Here's your April horoscope - the birthstone for April is diamond.

The adventurous, passionate individuals born in April are natural, strong-willed leaders. Graced with a combination of assertiveness, curiosity and sensitivity, they win over anyone they meet. They are born with a need to be constantly active in some form, whether physically or mentally. Even the more introverted individuals born in this month will be thrill-seekers, however they choose to define it.

In the Northern Hemisphere April is the first full month of spring. While we may see traces of winter lingering, April offers the promise of new life, growth, and seeing the world through a fresh lens. If you are born in April you may have a childlike quality your entire life, bringing curiosity and fun wherever you go!

Aurora Borealis is said to equalize negativity, stimulate mental clarity, and bring balance and cooperation in relating with others. The traditional birthstone for April is the diamond. Like Aurora Borealis, the diamond holds similar qualities, bestowing the wearer with clarity, balance, love and the ability to bond with others in a pure and honest way.

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