Company Culture

This statement of philosophy serves to remind us of our obligations to all those with whom we come in contact. Our intent is to document the motivating forces behind our way of doing business.

To our community

Our goal is to be a good neighbor. The facility is designated to blend in with nature as much as possible, and the grounds are maintained in first class condition, making them an asset to our community. We dedicate ourselves to providing a good local base of equal opportunity employment. We are gratified that our local taxes go toward better community services such as education and social services. Our not for profit charitable organization, the Woodstock Chimes Fund, offers support that benefits the entire community.

To our sales organization

All of our sales and service personnel represent Woodstock Percussion, Inc. in the eyes of our customers. We recognize that this is an all encompassing responsibility. Any sales relationship, in order to be a good one, must be profitable to both the customer and to Woodstock Percussion. All people and organizations which sell our products are “customers” to whom we guarantee satisfaction.

To our suppliers

Our suppliers and salespeople, with their specialized knowledge of the products and services they sell, are important to us for continuing as the leader in the field of technology in musical instruments for everyone. We encourage and assist sales representatives of our suppliers to talk directly with the departments involved in the application or use of the products or services. Keeping an open mind, we always seek to obtain the maximum value for each dollar spent. Emphasis will be placed on finding materials that are non-toxic and recyclable. We will purchase raw materials and packaging, whenever possible, with their impact on the environment in mind.

To our customers

Our objective is to supply our customers with products of the highest quality and engineering standards, at a fair price. Through a program of Quality Control, we ship products which approach a standard of “Zero Defects”. Our responsibility to the customer continues long after the sale, through instructions on care and warranty of all products as well as a refurbishing/replacement program. We will constantly strive to improve the quality, customer service, new designs and value of Woodstock Percussion products. The following is our philosophy in terms of the way we strive to serve our customers:
  • Fast, courteous, responsive service
  • Prompt shipment of orders
  • Refurbishing/replacement program
  • We listen to our customers, without them our chimes and musical gifts would not be heard

To our employees

It is the responsibility of our management to formulate policies and long range programs, to plan for the dynamic growth of the Company and to operate our Company at a profit. We feel that in order to do this successfully, we must also provide the following:
  • Employment opportunity without discrimination as to race, creed, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, disability, marital status, citizenship or any other protected classification
  • Pleasant work surroundings and the best possible tools with which to accomplish the assigned task
  • Opportunities for advancement to qualified Company personnel before considering outside applicants
  • In job training and management training for employees and supervisors to better prepare them for promotion and advancement
  • Access to suitable employee benefits such as health insurance, group life insurance, dental and retirement benefits
  • Fostering a consciousness among employees that their jobs do not exist in isolation by giving their ideas and suggestions full respect and consideration
The goal is to encourage a holistic approach to the Company, in which a person can see how their daily actions can impact and improve their position by improving the overall position of the Company.
Development of employees is just as important a part of each manager’s job as their operating results. To the extent practical, we will attempt to keep our employees advised of our plans and operations as soon as such plans materialize. We believe that our employees, in turn, have an obligation to be loyal to the interest of the Company, to work conscientiously and to the best of their ability, both individually and as members of a team. It is the employee’s responsibility to:
  • Recognize and work through the lines of authority as established by the Company
  • Study their work assignment
  • Make suggestions for improvements in areas that will contribute to the profitable operation of the Company
  • Without pressure of uniformed appearance, dress neatly with an emphasis on safety and comfort.
  • Participate in a shared concern for a clean world, with our neighbors, our children and our children’s children in mind.

To our government

We believe in being a good corporate citizen, by accepting our tax obligations, knowing that these taxes are spent by government with local, state, and national objectives.  We also encourage our employees to take an active interest and participation in government.

To our competitors

We show respect for our competitors and their products, and place an emphasis on the uniqueness and advantages of our products. Our feelings about trade infringements will be made public only as a result of legal action.

Our commitment to the environment

Since the inception of Woodstock Percussion there has always been an emphasis on the conservation of our natural resources, and the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Here at Woodstock we are dedicated to preserving the world around us while continuing to maintain our excellent standards for product reliability and our relationship to the environment.

Woodstock Percussion utilizes local and government resources to reduce its energy consumption with an active energy conservation program. An NYSERDA Energy Audit has shed light on our consumption of electricity. By installing LED lighting, low consumption lighting fixtures and bulbs, high efficiency electric motors, and “Energy Star” appliances Woodstock conserves power and saves on energy usage. This in turn saves our natural resources and reduces the greenhouse gasses generated from coal and oil fired power plants. The Energy Audit was precipitated by our roof-resurfacing project using spray polyurethane foam. This product not only seals but also yields an insulating and reflective roof coating, further saving on the energy used to heat and cool the facility. In addition to this, Woodstock has a full preventive maintenance program in place for all its equipment. Scheduled maintenance yields equipment that runs as efficiently as possible. With timely air filter replacement and air handler maintenance the HVAC runs at its optimum efficiency reducing operating costs while providing clean, fresh air to the facility. In accordance with our clean air policies, Woodstock uses only non-hazardous cleaning compounds for all its maintenance operations.

Woodstock Percussion does its best to reuse. By reusing office supplies such as file folders, three ring binders, and office furniture Woodstock not only saves on the cost of these supplies but conserves our environment as well. Shipping does its share by reusing wooden shipping pallets. By reusing, Woodstock again does its part in the conservation of trees normally destroyed for paper and wood products while contributing to the conservation of the energy needed to manufacture these products and reduces the resulting greenhouse gasses produced.

Woodstock Percussion recycles. In place is a full recycling program for office paper that cannot be reused, shredded paper from the destruction of confidential documents, and all containers, whether plastic, metal, or glass. Corrugated containers or “cardboard” is broken down and recycled by the shipping department. Nothing that can be recycled is thrown away. Electronic and electrical products such as computers, monitors, fluorescent light bulbs, and rechargeable batteries are all recycled, saving landfill space and eliminating the contamination caused by the many hazardous materials they contain.

Another aspect of our recycling program is Woodstock’s use of products made with recycled materials. Using paper and other office products containing recycled material further strengthens our commitment to a greener environment.

All employees of Woodstock Percussion are involved in the conservation of our environment and are encouraged to follow the three R’s, not only here, but also in their daily lives. By making a commitment to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, together we can help ensure a cleaner, healthier environment, not only for ourselves, but also for the many generations to come.