Garry Kvistad
Founder and Owner of Woodstock Chimes

Garry at home

The Chimalong turns 25!
November 2011

In the early 1980's, when the Kvistad girls were young, Garry looked for good children's instruments for his daughters to play with. He wasn't able to come up with any so, being an instrument maker, Garry decided to design and make something for them. Since he had already been making tuned windchimes, it was a logical connection to use the same tubes and create a xylophone-like instrument. He used colors, number and the traditional music lettering system to make it easy for even the youngest players to use the songbook and make music. On it's 25th anniversary, the family got together for a group portrait with the Chimalong Deluxe.

Garry and his classic Buick
July 2011
Garry Kvistad
through the years
Jack Kvistad

Jack often comes to work with Garry. He spends most of his time in Garry's studio, but every once in a while he'll favor the staff with his presence in the office area.

Tasa and Diane Kvistad playing with the original Pipedream Eroica

When Garry was invited to show his chimes on The Today Show, Diane and Tasa, their elder daughter, came along. It looks like Tasa was ready to perform, but they opted to speak with Garry. But we do have these wonderful family pictures to commemorate the event!

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