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My Serenity Garden

Fifteen months ago I retired from teaching music for 30 years. There was a hole in my heart created by the loss of a career I loved. I started to fill the ache by transforming my backyard into an English garden. I binge watched all the British shows about gardens and started working on my little slice of Heaven. The Majesty Bells chime featured in my photo is the first Woodstock Chimes I ever purchased. I bought it in a little gift shop in the mountains of North Georgia about 15 years ago. The store was located in a unique group of buildings on Georgia Highway 515. Like the Scottish town of Brigadoon the shop disappeared and I could never find it again.

My Serenity Garden is now home to a 3rd generation Cardinal family, hummingbirds, chipmunks, squirrels, butterflies, and a large variety of other birds. Occasionally we even see the neighborhood hawks!

I love my little corner of nature! It’s my favorite place to reconnect and relax.

M.S., Canton, GA

My Waterbell Fountain

My Water Bell Fountain has been operating in my kitchen since 2001 (17 years)! My Water Bell Fountain came in black back then rather than the current copper model. I love the sound of the bubbling water and the chiming of the bells as they go around, so soothing in the kitchen. The bells have a patina on them now which gives my fountain even more character. I always get compliments on my Water Bell Fountain.

M.O., Minneapolis, MN

A Way To Remember

Amazing Grace with Memorial Urn.

My husband's ashes hung from an Oak with line from his fly fishing rod.

C.C., New London, NC

Peace Chime Peanuts

My Peace Chime has been hanging on my tree for a couple years now. There is a squirrel (I call Rocky) that comes into my backyard almost every morning. When he sees me come out to my deck he will run to the bottom step and knows I have some peanuts for him. Lately I take my cat outside with me on a leash, because she likes to chase Rocky. So I put peanuts in the tree and on top of my wind chimes so my cat won't chase Rocky and he eats the peanuts off the Peace Chime. Win win....

M.F., Pittsburg, PA

Tornado Proof Chimes!

My chimes are the Tuscany chimes given to me as a housewarming gift from my sister! Who is a huge fan of your chimes new as am I! This picture is after the tornado hit our house and it withstood it. This is from May 15, 2018! I was so happy and amazed it survived that scary day!

P.S., Wappinger Falls, NY

The Blue Jays

The blue jays like to sit and listen to the Woodstock chimes in Canada ❤️

P.M., Canada

Bird Chimes

We have a set of beautiful Woodstock chimes that were given to us a house-warming gift about 18 years ago. Early this summer, I noticed a beautiful bird's nest had appeared on top of it - perfectly shaped to the top of the chimes. Apparently the birds weren't bothered by the sound of the chimes at all. I finally spotted 2 red-headed finches busy in the nest, then momma bird sitting on the eggs, and finally about a week or so ago the babies had hatched. So precious to watch right outside our dining room window.

C.S., New Paltz, NY

Even Deer Enjoy Woodstock Chimes

This is the only time that a deer has come into our yard, we have a six foot wooden fence around the yard and a gate that is three feet high. My wife and I were surprised to see this deer from our window around 7AM. We don't know how she got in or how she left. But if you look closely at her mouth, she has been eating the seed and nuts we put out for the animals that visit us. Our daily squirrel is wondering what is going on. We have lived in Dormont PA since we bought our house in 1979. This area is considered suburban, so there are some wooded areas near us. We like to feed the birds and over the years there have been squirrels, raccoons, a possum and a ground hog in our yard. She left the Woodstock Wind Chime behind.

M.F., Dormont, PA

Fridge Jingle

I can't sneak into my fridge without the jingle of my magnet - or the eyes of the Beatles magnets above.

J.M., Delmar, NY

Nature At Its Finest

I am sitting on my porch looking at nature at its finest. I have my favorite Woodstock Wind Chime that adorns my porch. I also have plants and several humming bird feeders. This video captures humming birds flying around my Chime of King David and entertaining me completely!

C.B., Social Circle, GA

My Happy Place

My porch is my happy place where I can sit with my dog, my husband, my Woodstock Wind Chimes, my hummingbirds and my plants. Thank you for adding to our beauty!!

C.B., Social Circle, GA

Even My Hummingbirds Like My Woodstock Chimes

I went to a local hardware store and saw The Woodstock Chime of King David after I had already purchased three smaller wind chimes. Of course I had to have it and now it's mine. I love to sit on my porch and watch my hummingbirds, look at my plants, and listen to my Woodstock Wind Chimes. Thank you for them!!!

C.B., Social Circle, GA

Chimes of King David

My sweet husband bought me a nice Woodstock Wind Chime years ago for our anniversary. Our local hardware store sells them and for months I had been wanting this one particular chime...Now I have it. It is the most awesome to me...the Chime of King David. I have a total of 5 Woodstock Wind Chimes.

C.B., Social Circle, GA

Good Chimes at Lake Tahoe

L.B., Pacific Grove, CA

Vine Chime

I love my Chimes of Westminster!

But this vine doesn’t like the chime - silly vine!

ME.P., Somers, NY

Our Sweet Papillons

In 2003, we were gifted with these two sweet Papillons. Papillon is the French word for butterfly. We chose musical names for the dogs, Diva and Sottovoce(this musical term means under the voice or whisper) due to the fact that we are big supporters of the arts and very active with the classical music community.

On April 28, 2018, we suddenly lost Sottovoce and Diva is also deteriorating quickly. I purchased the Magical Mystery Chimes-Butterfly's Farewell as a truly fitting memorial tribute and a sweet reminder of our dear butterflies.

J.M., Texas

A Wonderful Reminder

Easter Sunday 2018, we invited our cousins over to have brunch with us. It was a rare visit these days since now our kids have kids. But this day at least six of us could get together. She and I and our husbands, and her son and daughter-in-law. We had such a nice time visiting and enjoying what turned out to be a lovely day together.

My cousin brought me a wind chime. It was so dear of her. She always had good taste and this was perfect for me. It was a delicate windchime that was weighted by a hummingbird at the bottom. Alot of people think that hummingbirds have some sort of special spiritual significance, and I am one of those people which made her gift all the more meaningful. I called her the next day to tell her how happy I was that they had come for brunch on Easter and how delighted I was with the two gifts she brought, the Hummer Chimes and a gorgeous purple hydrangea, both from Gethsemane Gardens in Chicago.

Before the next week even seemed to be underway, her family was planning her funeral after her sudden and unexpected death from a serious Fall. The sadness was immense as it always is in the cases of sudden loss.

In the days following my cousins death, I hung the chimes from a pergula outside, at the edge of our hot tub, opposite where we put a hummingbird feeder each year in the Spring and inevitably we see them in our urban setting in Chicago, rather rare but thrilling sightings. When we sit out there now in the morning with our coffee or when we use the hottub, we see and listen to the chimes and think of our beloved cousin and her family. It is a wonderful remembrance of our last day together and the gift she gave me to remember her by.

C.V., Elizabeth Court, Illinois

Making Music Come Alive

I am writing to thank you for your work and to share my 'Woodstock Story' regarding one of your products.

I was commissioned to write/record/perform several kids songs for one of the largest megachurches in Canada - The Meeting House ( 18 different locations including sites in Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa... and much more).

For a particular song - 'Pray Everyday' - the producer and I were looking for a unique sound to give the track lots of character and charm.

In a stroke of genius, the producer (Carl Jennings - scanned his inventory of musical instruments and selected your kazoo, the Woodstock 9, as the magical tool of choice. FYI - He was told The Woodstock 9 'is a quality kazoo' when he had purchased it for a previous project.

Long story short, the Woodstock 9 made the song come alive and gave it that 'one-of-a-kind' flavour for which we were hoping. Not to mention, that beginning at 2:22 of the song - is the greatest Kazoo solo of all time (we are obviously biased).

The song was recently posted on The Meeting House Parent blog (and will be on streaming services soon), you can listen to it at this url -

Again, thank you for your work, and we are looking forward to trying out some of your other musical products on future tracks.

Have a fantastic day.

N.A., Hamilton, Canada

mazing Grace Chimes

Love these Amazing Grace chimes! They make soft sounds with just a little breeze in the air. When they ring it reminds me each time of God's Amazing Grace that has been given to me.

L.M., Warner Robins, GA

Saving the Monarch

I have never had my own yard until at age 60 I purchased a townhouse and not long after found a local shop who had quite a collection of your wind chimes! I am very familiar with them but until now I was not able to display one. Long story short I have an ongoing project of saving the monarch and praying for nice breezes so I can hear the music of my Sandstone chime! Feel free to shorten the video if you would like but I think it speaks for itself!!

J.H., Boynton Beach, FL

A Beautiful Experience

This is our backyard project, built by us through the summer this year. It wasn't really complete until we added the Heroic Wind Bell to the gable end. Each time we get a gust of wind, it makes a sound that is deep and long. It just feels peaceful. Everyone stops talking-- and smiles at one another. I've had many chimes through the years, but this one is the first that creates a beautiful experience everyone of any background seems to share equally.

C.B., NY

My Favorite Place

My favorite place in the house is outside on the porch... rocking in a chair, listening to my Bells of Paradise sway in the breeze, watching the sunset over the mountains, the hummingbirds feeding off the flowers or feeder. My personal peaceful space!

L.I., Townshend, VT

MMy Bells of Paradise

The 'Bells of Paradise" that hang freely on my deck remind me of my growing children who are both off to college now. The chimes give off sweet notes where once my children's sweet voices would sound, and if I listen I can almost hear "Mom, mom, mom" !!

D.C., Chambers, NE

Heroic Chime Elements

I'd been searching for a chime for my husband for quite some time. I found your Heroic Chime and bought it for his birthday last October. We spent all of last summer expanding our deck and finally finished it this Spring. When it came time to cut down the 4 new posts to match the height of the old ones, we decided to leave one post at the end, so he could hang his chime. It sounds AMAZING!

So then my husband asked if I could paint 'something' on the post to compliment the chime. After much discussion, we decided not to cut the new posts and paint each with a different element.... Wind, Earth, Fire and Water. All are completed except water (still in the design stage). Naturally, we paired the Wind element with your awesome Heroic Chime (as pictured).

H.J., Kansas City, MO

Perfect Pair

The old chime hung in our backyard for many years (you can see which one). After one too many winters it finally succumbed to mother nature's way with natural things. My wife quickly replaced it but we missed the deeper tones of our "old friend" so I patched it up as best I could and now we have a naturally balanced pair.

M.C., Westfield, NJ

Puppy Chime

I wanted my new lab to let me know when she needs to go out. All she has to do is ring the chime!

M.M., Lumberton, NJ

Stress Relief

In trying times such as today, it is a blessing to feel Inspired & Creative...& your windchime contest did JUST that!! I DE-stressed with a relaxing photo shoot & decided to pull out my color mediums & hand-color a few photos; it gives the black & white photo a REAL vintage vibe!!Thank you for Inspiring me!!

P.B., Saint Augustine, FL

The Perfect Wedding Gifts

I do not own your chimes myself, but for every wedding over the past 35 years I have bought your chimes as my gift to the new couple; I either bought from the store or ordered from your company.When I would arrive at those couples homes to visit, the chimes were always singing to me, and the couples loved them so much that my heart would swell with a vibration not quit like any other.

I remember when I was finally going to purchase the chimes for me, but the purchase didn't worked out due to my mother's instant loss of energy and subsequent death.I recently ordered 2 packages of chimes for 2 different weddings coming up soon, and I did think about ordering for me too, but my budget wouldn't allowed it. I hope to be able to order in the near future for myself, finally, but know that I love the frequency of your chimes and am so happy I can hear them in most places I visit.

K.A., Reno, NV

Enjoying My Bells of Paradise

After years and years of gifting Woodstock Chimes to friends and family, I was thrilled to receive my own Bells of Paradise! Without a thought, I planted a shepherd's hook into the ground outside my bedroom now leave my window cracked ever so slightly - in all kinds of weather - so I can enjoy the songs it brings my soul!

K.W., Dallas, TX

Anniversary Presents

My parents, who live in Buffalo, NY, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year. I live in Syracuse, NY, so I sent them some Woodstock Chimes as an anniversary gift. They sent me this picture and video in return; they love them!

M.K., Syracuse, NY

Beautiful Songs of Partch

Long, long time ago I hung a Partch chime in the redwood tree just outside my front door. It was there for more than a decade. I moved far away but took the chime with me to my retirement dwelling in a redwood forest. Seventeen years it sang in the wind.. Recently, one of its tubes fell to the ground, string broken. I "repaired" as best I could. The wooden parts were greatly worn.. I Googled "Partch" (hopefully) and today a "brand new" Chime of Partch sings again in the breezes!

A.M., Fort Bragg, CA

The Gift of Chimes

I actually ordered the rain chimes [Woodstock Garden Bells] a few months ago,. Having had them at an earlier time in my life, I had to have more. I absolutely love the sound they make when the rain makes the cups clink each other.

I then received a message from you saying I had won a set of your Mt. Olympus wind chimes [Chimes of Olympos]. They are absolutely beautiful!! They sound so sweet!

I can't thank you enough. I love coming home and sitting on my porch. When the slightest breeze picks up they start playing. It’s a comforting sound that makes being at home feel even better!

Thank you so much for the gift. Awful kind of y'all to do that.

T.B., Judsonia, AR

How Sweet the Sound

We received this beautiful chime as a gift when we lost our only son. My husband wanted it hung on the deck and I said under the birch tree out the front window where I can always see it and hear it...I tell everyone that it plays Amazing Grace and I have myself convinced. LOVE how it makes me feel and settles me. Thank you

S.S., Pickford, MI

A Bright Spot in Our Yard

If you look closely there are actually 3 Woodstock Chimes in the photo. After a brutally hot summer, these glorious instruments have been the only bright spot in our yard. We lost about 20 plants to the heat/sun but the gentle, calming songs of your chimes have given us some much needed solace & we have just this week begun to re-plant. We will never give in or give up on our yard and thank you for making it even more special.

L.D., Las Vegas, NV

Mellow Bells P

urchased from our local botanical garden; the mellow sound of the bell is very calming. My grandchildren love to gently ring it and feel the vibration of the bell.

H.F., Port Saint Lucie, FL

Even Plants Love the Chimes I

believe my plants stay alive hearing the chimes. I also take it outside, while I am gardening. I enjoy my Woodstock Chimes very much.

M.C., Jenkintown, PA

My First Windbell

My first windbell - in this picture - is a Bronze bell from Paolo Soleri. I've now become a Woodstock Chimes Collector! It's great to hear the tunes outside my door. Thank you for your great variety.

A.F., Durham, NC


My adult son and his wife gave me the temple bell wind chime last month for my birthday. It was nearly 6 mo. to the day they had lost their first baby and my first grandchild. They suggested it was to remind my of him when it chimes so beautifully. And it does. It is such a tender sound and sentiment. I love it.

S.E., Temperance, MI


I got these chimes as a birthday present and they hung outside under my bedroom window. I was not at home the day a big storm came through and I found them on the ground, tangled and unstrung. It took me 4 years but finally found the right string, though it is lime green, and restrung them myself. They hang inside the screened porch now and I still love them.

S.F., Sheboygan, WI

A Superior Souvenir

I was visiting my son and his family on Johns Island, SC. They had a screened in porch overlooking their backyard and had several chimes of which I totally enjoyed hearing their sounds. Rather than buying T-shirts or other things as a remembrance or souvenir of my trip, I thought this would make me think of my loved ones once I got back home....and it does that now every day.

S.VW., Harbor Springs, MI

The Joy brought by Woodstock Chimes

When my daughter was in high school she worked part time at a restaurant as a hostess. The money was very small but without my knowing, she saved and saved and for my birthday bought my first Woodstock Chimes. I hung them immediately outside of my bedroom window, where they still live. My daughter is now 34 yrs old. The chimes have brought so much joy and peacefulness. They sound as beautiful now as the day she gave them to me. My 28 yr old son who has severe autism, loves to lay in my bed and listen to the chimes when he becomes overloaded with everyday noise. I have purchased several sets of the Woodstock Autism chimes for friends birthdays and weddings.

D.A., Louisville, KY

Making Work Better with Chimes

Work (data entry) on the porch made so much better by my wind chime!

L.P., Custer, SD

My Windchime

My windchime was a mother's day/birthday gift to accent my family rock garden. I enjoy them every day. I recorded my wind chime and use it as my ringtone. I love it. If I won another one I could put it in the front of my house and be able to enjoy it twice as much.

F.H., Potts Camp, MS

Robin Chimes

A robin built her nest this spring just above our Woodstock large Bells of Paradise chimes and she and her four babies seemed to love the sound of the chimes even when we had some high winds.

K.B., Ione, WA

Fantastic Presents

I recently purchased two Woodstock chimes from a local retail store. I loved the sound of the chimes so much that I went to the Woodstock website and purchased several chimes and sun catchers for presents for my family. I will be buying more chimes in the future for Christmas presents.

K.G., Seaside, OR

'Catio' Chimes

I like to sit with my Bengal cat "Merlin" in my catio. I have 4 Encore chimes, Mars, Earth, Polaris and Pluto. They were all given to me over a 4 year period of birthdays. I love the fact that they all chime in harmony so as the gentle breeze blows each chime will be set off making a musical wonder every time a little different. Early morning in the summer is my favorite time and very late in the evening the patio door is open and the chimes can be heard throughout the back rooms. I hope to get more, Mercury and Saturn are at the top of my list; maybe some bells too.

Check out a video of the 'catio' here

J.L., Peterborough, United Kingdom

Unique Sound

I went to the Christmas store in Paramus, NJ. I just wanted a small - to medium chime, so I bought one that had an Army logo; but while I was looking at them, I was also ringing them to hear the sounds. The first thing I noticed was the very distinct sound that no other chime hanging there had. I was trying to mimic a glass one that my husband's friend brought me from Chili, which I accidentally destroyed by leaving it out in the winter.

I took my purchase home and went to another location looking and checking out their chimes as well. I just couldn't get the sound of the chime out of my head, so I found myself trying to replace the sound with the closest one I could find. I was beginning to realize that there was something very different about this chime. The very next day I got up and drove the 20 plus miles back to the store when they opened to get one; by the way it was the largest one that they had. I ended up with the sample one, as it was the last one in the store.They gladly gave me 10% off since there weren't any left.

I brought it home and hung it up and I have been a happy camper ever since.I absolutely love it! I registered it so that I can replace it if anything happens. This is one of the most unique sounds I've ever heard in a chime. I will make sure that this chime is the first to brought indoors as to not allow it to be ruined by the elements again! Thank you for letting me share my story about an amazing chime that really sounds like a musical instrument.

E.D., Bloomfield, NJ

Anniversary Presents

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in May and our gift to each other was a Woodstock tuned Olympus windchime. We have placed it just outside our front door and are reminded each time the wind gives the chimes their unique song, how fortunate we are to have each other. It is such a meditative sound, especially at night and helps us sleep peacefully. Thank you.

K.W., West Moonah, Tasmania

Magical Spanish Garden Chimes

I'm obsessed with everything Spanish. About 3 weeks ago, I purchased your Spanish garden wind chimes and I'm so glad I did. On stormy days, when the wind is ferocious, the chimes resonate with fury and fill my garden with sound. When the air is a gentle breeze, they chime with the chords from the concierto that they're tuned to. Their tones transport me to a sleepy village in Andalusia and have lulled me to sleep on many nights. They make my garden and my lazy hours so much more magical and I absolutely love them.

C.M., South Bend, IN

Meet Tyler

Tyler Doi is an extraordinary 8-year old boy. He has autism, he loves windchimes, and he has extraordinary musical acuity. Tyler has been to the Woodstock Chimes Warehouse Sale on several occasions and we've gotten to know him pretty well. He's an amazing kid and has the uncanny ability to name which chime is which just by listening to the chime ring.

You can learn more about that by watching this video. Tyler loves the surf the web, keeps a file of pictures of wind chimes, and has a book that contains all the hangtags from the Woodstock Chimes that he owns (we know he has at least 50, possibly as many as 100!). Tyler has 2 younger brothers, Zachary and Nathan, and they all love to go bowling, play Angry Birds and watch TV.

S.D. and A.D., Ajax ON

Gary the windchime maker meets Garry the windchime maker!

Gary Davis has an unusual hobby. As is often the case with people with autism, 14-year-old Gary is very focused on this hobby - making wind chimes!

Gary and his family came to Shokan to meet Garry Kvistad, founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes and a master chimemaker himself. During the visit, we learned that Gary (Davis - yes, this was confusing while he was here!) loves two things - windchime and bugs. He combined these on a chime he gave to our webmaster - it's a metal chime with a pinecone windcatcher that he hand-painted with bugs and other decorative designs. Gary (Davis) also made a bamboo chime that he presented to Garry (Kvistad) during their visit.

The picture on the right shows both handmade chimes hanging in front of our headquarters building with Goose Pond in the background. See the hand-painted bug on the metal chime just to the right of the clapper? You can watch a video of Gary and his "windchime tree" here.

K.D. and H.D., Cross SC

My Amazing and Adorable Granddaughter, Akasha

I fell in love with Tyler's story and your support for autism.

I am 42, a nurse, mom of 2, and grandmother of one autistic child. My granddaughter, Akasha, resides in our home full time as my partner & I have guardianship of her. Her mother has a long history of mental illness issues and I pursued my grandparents rights through the courts to protect my granddaughter and to ensure my daughter would receive some source of long term treatment for her mental health issues. Here we are four years later and I still have guardianship over my granddaughter.

I have completely reduced my employment to just 4 days a month to care for her as with her behaviors we are leery of putting her in daycare. She does attend early childhood special education preschool which she has come a very long way in. She has gained so much from therapies at home and at school. Her communication skill have greatly improved though we still struggle some days trying to determine what her specific needs are. Resources for autism are at a low due to lack of awareness about autism.

I am very pleased and grateful that you have shared Tyler's story and have created this chime to honor him and raise awareness for autism and for children like my precious granddaughter. Thank you so much!! I have enclosed 2 pictures of my granddaughter... I wanted you to see one of the faces of autism that your campaign will somehow and in some way touch. Bless you!!.

M.R., Springfield, MO

Our Woodstock Chimes for Autism

Hi, I'd like to share a picture of your Woodstock Chimes for Autism (in a Woodstock stand).

The chime tune is lovely in our backyard.

We are the parents of a beautiful young boy with autism.

R.L.K., via Facebook


My Isaiah

HI!!! I heard about your company via the incredible story of Tyler Doi.

I was so very touched by your generosity. I just wanted to share a pic of the beautiful wind chimes my son, Isaiah made in his technology class.

Isaiah my oldest son, and was diagnosed at 2 and a half with autism. That was 14 years ago. Though there have been HUGE strides made for autism awareness since that fateful day, there are never enough services, programs or funding in any state.

Isaiah has taught me as much as I have taught him. I am so proud of the young man he is growing into. He is a gentle giant that I have been so blessed to call mine!

Thank you for supporting 'OUR KIDS'!!!

P.C., Ithaca, NY

Caiden's Birthday Chime

My son is like Tyler, who you recently showed on your website. (You can meet Tyler here: Caiden is autistic with an absolute passion for chimes and anything about them. He had a couple of your small chimes, but visits your website almost everyday to look and listen to your chimes. He had wanted for his 8th birthday, nothing more than your Pachelbel Canon Chime in Silver. This request went on for months :)

Anyway, on his birthday August 8, everything else paled in comparison when he opened up that chime. He literally shook with anticipation of it. He was so thrilled. He's been frequently borrowing his Grandma's camera recently to take pictures of everything around our house, but most especially his chimes. When reviewing some of the photos he has recently taken, I found several "selfies" of him with the Pachelbel Canon chime. I thought they were adorable to begin with, and so him, but when I saw the Woodstock Show Us Your Chimes photo contest come up, I knew I had to send in one of his photos with his new favorite chime. I hope you can tell in the picture that it is in fact a Woodstock Chime, and I hope it makes you smile as much as it does me when I look at it. Thank you so much for listening!

C.T., Wildomar, CA

Autism Sparkles at the Lake!

I am a recently retired teacher from the elementary school, where Tyler Doi attends. I was excited to add the Woodstock Chime for Autism to my "collection" of chimes, here at my lake home.

I am thrilled to honour and remember Tyler and other students with autism with this beautiful chime at our dock edge. It chimes gently in our lake breeze and reminds me of how children can put such a "sparkle" in our lives. Children like Tyler hold a special place in the hearts of teachers.

Thank you for making this chime to support autism and sharing Tyler's incredible gift and charm.

K.R., Bancroft, Ontario Canada

A Swingset Full of Chimes

Our son, Jonah, has Autism and has been fascinated with wind chimes since the age of 4. He knows the names of almost all of the Woodstock wind chimes and their sounds. When asked what he wants for a gift at Christmas or birthdays he always asks for a wind chime and already has one picked out in his mind! He can shake the wrapped box and say which wind chime is in it!

It's truly amazing!

Jonah loves to watch the video about Tyler on your website. In fact he knows most of it word for word! The video helped me so much because I can relate so much to Tyler and his parents. These kiddos are truly amazing and blessed with a special gift and we as parents are blessed to call them our kiddos!

T.S., Harrodsburg, KY

Shine On Harvest Moon

My granddaughter's birthday was 9/8, later that evening the beautiful harvest moon. I wanted to capture the image for her, but didn't use my "real" camera. All considered, I thought my phone did ok. The clouds and the moonrays created an interesting glow in the heavens, and on my Woodstock chime. (Benefiting autism)

J.L.M., Traverse City, MI

Hurricane Proof Chimes!

Hurricane damaged back porch - our Woodstock Chimes had no damage! This morning as I was listening to our brilliant wind chimes it occurred to me that they were the only thing on our back porch not affected by the hurricane here is the story.

In October of 2016 Hurricane Mathew came up the coastline from Florida to North Carolina and our Island of the coast of South Carolina took a direct hit. Our back porch faces the ocean so took the brunt of the storm. Needless to say we suffered a lot of damage except for our Woodstock Chimes that were completely unaffected. We love our chimes and we love the fact that they are hurricane proof. I have included a picture of our back porch after the hurricane.

M.M., Beaufort, SC

The Perfect Gift

Chimes to me are whimsical and nostalgic. For me, Woodstock Chimes was the remedy to my dilemma of trying to find a gift for my host family in the Netherlands. I wanted something that would remind them of my stay there with them, something that would cheer them up. The father of the family is battling cancer, the grandparents turning their shoulders, and my friend stuck in a downward spiral. My hopes is that this chime would bring them great pleasure and joy......

S.W., Plainwell, MI

Mom's Chimes of Mars

My mother’s birthday was in July and I couldn't think of what to get her so I went to our local hardware store and saw the Chimes of Mars windchime you guys have. I decided it was perfect because she has always loved chimes. After I gave it to her she did some research into them and ended up buying two more within a month.

She says all the time that she loves the way they sound, so I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the awesome work you guys do!

J.N., Forestville, NY

Relaxing Windchimes in My Garden

I love the wind chimes. Hanging in my little garden adds a beautiful, relaxing, and cozy feeling. I am impressed with the quality. Love it!

E.L., San Jose, CA

Pluto --- One of My Favorites!

I love my Pluto Encore chime. It has a bolder, mellow sound, so I keep it near my screen porch.

D.L., Carmel, IN

An Oldie But A Goodie

I have many Woodstock Chimes but this little guy, an oldie (like me) has always been my favorite. I have given a lot of my chimes to my older married children to enjoy but I'll never part with this one, it's been around for quite a few years, still looks great and I love the sound !

K.A., Kerhonkson, NY

A Grandson's Anticipation

Anticipating a visit to see us, our eleven year old grandson looked forward, among other things, to hearing our windchimes again. Grandma then set about repairing our favorite set from our wedding decades ago. She restrung them using grandmaternal logic, then restained and clearcoated them in place. All of us are pleased with the result.

M.S., San Luis Obispo, CA

Hello Little Chipmunk!

As I was taking this picture of my windchime, I looked down and saw a chipmunk who crawled out on the wood. I was very still while I snapped this picture of him under my windchime.

D.L., Carmel, IN

Visit From a Hawk

I started to take a picture of my windchime when all of a sudden a Hawk swooped down on the fence. I don't think he noticed me at first because I was so still, but when I snapped this picture, he flew away.

D.L., Carmel, IN

Memories of Mom

I discovered Woodstock Chimes 4 years ago, right after my mom's death. I was feeling sad & low and happened to stop in a unique shop where I spied windchimes. They were all Woodstock Chimes. I already had a large collection of cheaper drugstore chimes and wanted to add another to my collection. Out of all the chimes I saw, I was drawn to the Chakra Chime because of the beautiful gemstones. I found that the sound these chimes made had beautiful hand tuned sounds, much more unique than drugstore chimes. I was hooked.

The sound that the Chakra Chime made was a soft tinkling sound which reminded me of my mom--she had a soft gentle way about her and with this chime tinkling in the breeze I would think of my mom. Every summer I set my Chakra Chime out usually in my pear tree because a cardinal family likes to hang out in there--maybe they like the sound also. In the 4 years, I have accumulated several more Woodstock Chimes--It's now my new collection.

D.L., Carmel, IN

Vacation Memories

My husband and I took our granddaughter on vacation to the Oregon coast. We decided to check out the Tillamook factory. As we were looking for a place to park, I noticed the wind chimes hanging in the factory's gift shop, and specifically this wonderfully, large, wood and metal chime. I knew I had to go check it out. I tried out all the wind chimes in the store, but kept coming back to that particular chime. I Bought it - it's my first (but certainly not my last) Woodstock chime! Hung it up as soon as we returned from vacation. Beautiful music when the wind blows!

J.B., Kenmore, WA

A Sweet Remembrance

In November of 2009, my daughter's first child was stillborn. I have loved wind chimes all of my life and wanted to find some that could hang in the nearby tree at the cemetery. I bought my first set of Woodstock Chimes to fulfill this very sentimental purpose. The heavenly melody of the chimes has become so special to me, my daughter and our entire family.

Anytime one of us visits our Baby Bella at her resting place, we touch the chimes to let her know we have come to say hello. Oftentimes, we don't even have to touch the chimes; they are already welcoming us with their beautiful song!

D.R., Clinton, UT

There's No Place Like Home

My family enjoys our Woodstock Chimes. During a soft breeze I will sit in the white chair and let the chimes bring me to far away places.

B.L., East Greenwich, RI

Looks Good From Here

A bright early morning image seen from my sick bed.

Thanks, Woodstock Chimes!

P.Y., Rome, GA

Birds and Bells

I have 6 Woodstock chimes at our log home. I think my humming birds like chimes better than their feeder😊

D.T., Lead Hill, AR

Sunny Sounds

The garden shed was designed by the photographer's deceased grandfather, and was adorned, during the past summer, with sunflowers by his 17 year old grand-daughter, Meghan Jennings of Buford, Georgia.

It is visible for all to admire from inside the home as well as from the garden area, and visitors, both human and animal, may answer the chimes when rung. The Woodstock Chimes themselves were an enduring gift from a beloved student.

M.N., Middleboro, MA

Every Porch Deserves A Woodstock Chime

What is a porch or garden without woodstock chimes! I have given them as gifts and have three on my porch now! I love them and they are so very soothing. The more, the better! AND they winter through great, but I do keep them out of the elements! I am a Happy Woodstock customer. Thank you!

E.D., Springfield, MO

Windchimes and the Willow Arbour

A few years ago I attended a living willow workshop and learnt how to build structures with willow. Following this I felt inspired to build my own living willow structure, and I built an arbour which is situated in my garden. A friend bought me a wind chime and I have now bought a few more.

I love sitting in my garden under the arbour and listening to the wind chimes. It is so peaceful. My cat also loves to sit under the arbour, maybe he also finds it relaxing listening to the wind chimes.

H.C., Truro, Cornwell, UK

Double Image!

This amazing little chime sits and twinkles while we eat on our deck. Its wonderful tone sets the mood. Amazingly enough it picked up the print from the blouse (black & white print) I was wearing when I took these photos. It also picked up the "greenery" around it when I moved it over to my plant stand. I'll be ordering more of these little cuties to "chime" together!

C.L., Spring Grove, IL

Stargaze and Purple Passion!

Boy what fun to sit on both our decks and hear this amazing wind chime. Our family & friends have been ordering chimes from you since visiting our house.

C.L., Spring Grove, IL

Big Chime Sound!

These wonderful deep tone chimes are the best medicine. I was listening to my neighbor's wonderful chimes and decided I was going to get a few myself. These sound even more magical than my neighbors'...even Maja our Sheltie (dog) loves to sit and listen!

C.L., Spring Grove, IL

A Chime With A Double Purpose

My Precious Stone Jade Chime is a great way to keep my flag on its pole especially during windy days. The twinkling sound that comes from this cute chime can be heard throughout my garage. I'll be ordering more to keep my other flags on their poles!

C.L., Spring Grove, IL

Happy Birthday To Me!

I received this wind chime as a birthday gift from a good friend.

Love it! It calms me when I hear it.

A.F., Webster, NY

Just Amazing chimes!

K.W., Carthage, Tunisia

The Birds Make the Chimes Ring

I hung a Woodstock Little Gregorian Chime from my suet feeder. The chimes ring when the birds land and feed, and ring even more when the birds take off. I know when birds are feeding on the suet even when I can't see the feeder, because I can hear the ringing of the chimes.

I can even get a pretty good idea of what birds are there by the sound of the ringing. The small birds like the chickadees and nuthatches make a soft ringing, the large birds like the jays and flickers ring loudly, and birds like the downy woodpecker create a soft rhythmic chiming with their hard rhythmic pecks. And when the larger birds take off, it often sends the chime spinning, the tubes flaring out in a circle from the centrifugal force. (And by the way, sometimes people have asked me, "Doesn't it bother the birds?" Definitely not, birds love music, that is why they make music themselves! They especially like music in high registers.)

Here is a photo with a flicker feeding. This photo has two flickers on the feeder, a father and his fledgling. Notice how the bird causes the chimes to swing.

G.H., Portland, OR

Chimes of Mercury are our favorite

Our family of 3 have great liking towards chimes. The tinkling sound gives us so much delight that come spring our whole yard has many number of small chimes. When the wind trickles we hear different sounds in sweet harmony.

Ever since we moved into our home and during that period of 3 years we have collected chimes from here and there. Our personal favorite being the one we got from Woodstock Chimes – The Chimes of Mercury. We got 2 small ones and one hangs from the arbor where in we have made morning glory and cardinals to climb. We sit under the bench during evening and great to hear the gentle breeze making the chimes ring. The other one is on the patio next to bird feeder.

Most of the cardinals who come to the feeder make sure to perch on top of the chime and then fly which in turns makes continuous tunes. Since they are there most of the time during the day, we hear the chimes throughout (even when no wind !! ). It’s a wonderful feeling.

G.G., Barrington, IL

Favorite Chime? Gregorian Baritone!

I love windchimes. I have many Woodstock chimes. My favorite is the Gregorian baritone.

D.L., Dover, MA

Liam's Chimes

My name is Liam. I am 11 years old and i love wind chimes. I have a huge collection of many brands. But I love the Woodstock ones the most. I have 5 Woodstocks currently.

L.J., Mendon, MA


In Memory of Mom

I received the beautiful Woodstock chimes as a gift from my sister. We lost our precious mother a few months ago so my sister bought the Amazing Grace chimes and had them inscribed.

I will cherish them always. What a perfect gift!

D.W., Florence, AL

30 Years of Dancing With Chimes

Here are the chime tubes and mallet Here's the holder for the tubes with the mallets still in place Been playing your bells for live music for modern dance classes and performance for over 30 years. The dancers love it. As you can see, I've worked them over pretty good.

T.K., Minneapolis, MN

Chimes of Olympos in Hollywood

Mike, an Executive in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles is also a windchime lover. He’s put our Chimes of Olympos by his pool and says the peaceful sounds of the chimes help eliminate any unwanted street noise while his family relaxes by the pool. They can hear some white noise from the 405 freeway which is a few blocks away, but find that the sounds from the chimes make everything better!

M., Los Angeles, CA

Magical Moments

I had my first brush with Woodstock Chimes in 1982 at Middle Earth, a unique and popular gift shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was so blown away with the sound—it was like a religious experience—I had to tell my boyfriend about it. A few weeks later he surprised me with Chimes of Olympos for my birthday! A few years later we were married (yeah, it was because of the chimes).

For the past 33 years this has hung outdoors and weathered all of the elements through every season. It has been hanging in its present location (pictured) for the last 21 years, on our front porch, where it serves as an ideal, sheltered spot for a nest! But, what really lures the birds to this place is the magical, enchanting sound of the chimes themselves. (At least that’s what I like to believe…)

T.B., Ann Arbor, MI

Honoring Savana

My Giant Schnauzer, Savana, loved the ocean with a passion. She crossed the rainbow bridge this February so to honor her, we hung the Bali chimes, blue and reminiscent of our many trips to Dillon Beach on the California coast.

Every time the wind blows and the chimes sound, we are reminded of our beautiful girl and the aloha spirit she brought to our world.

D.McK., Petaluma, CA

The Wind Is My Muse

I love hearing the chimes whether in a gentle breeze or the "storm is on its way" gusts.

I set up one of my chimes closer to the tree so the magic of the chimes could be further enjoyed by the 'man in the tree.'

P.C., Denison, TX

Backyard Chimes

My story is that this summer I was physically able to enjoy my patio and decorate. Last year I had multiple surgeries on neck and back and could do nothing. This summer thank you God I had another chance. I've always wanted a nice set of chimes and with a deep sound. So happy to find Woodstock Chimes, I love the sound they give off. I'm planning on getting more to compliment this one.

B.B., Fairborn, OH


Sharing a Love of Chimes

I've always loved the sound of chimes. My mom introduced me to the beauty and peaceful melodies as a child. I'm now about to be 35 and started the tradition that every year I buy a new chime for myself and my mommy! ♡♡♡♡ Love her with all my heart and chimes!

M.W., Rockwall, TX

Turquoise For Days!

I had just repainted my front door my favorite color of turquoise blue when I found these beautiful Tiki Chimes in the exact same color. I bought two of them to hang on either side of my front porch. It looks so nice I repainted my porch rocker the same color to match.

A.H., Saugerties, NY

My Ultimate Pleasure

I have a non traditional garden. My garden at my house is full of many sets of wind chimes and other items that spin in the wind. Sitting outside and hearing all my chimes make music in the woods at my home is my ultimate pleasure!

S.D., Hayden, AL

A Great Way To Start The Day

I love waking up to this What a lovely view This is the view of our two Woodstock chimes that we enjoy on our covered deck, which is where we spend most of our summer evenings. This shot was taken as the sun rose this morning, and the reflection of the sun was showing on the chimes. As always, it's a great way to start the day!

J.H., Williamston, NC

Gentle Reminders

The company I work for provides wind chimes to our clients under certain circumstances. My favorite is providing one to the family of a client when a loved one passes away. It serves as a gentle reminder of their life..each time the wind blows.

T.S., Columbia City, IN

Chime On My Mind

This image is all digital. I created in KeyCreator CAD software over a couple of lunchtime breaks. It was done entirely from memory about 15 years ago.

P.B., West Hurley, NY

Note from Woodstock Chimes: This is very impressive! The windcatcher's not quite the right shape but given that you did this from memory, we'll give you a pass on that! Beautiful!



The perfect memorial chime for my husband! -- The Pachelbel Chime sits at the head of the rose garden my husband envisioned & planted many years ago.

He played in an orchestra when he was a young man and introduced me to this and other classical pieces.

He passed away after 50 years of marriage and a valiant struggle against Parkinson's disease. I was able to have some memorial words engraved on the windcatcher. Sitting in the garden with beautiful memories and music!

R.F., Chico, CA

Happy Anniversary, Honey

I love my old Woodstock Chime I love my old Woodstock Chimes I bought these chimes sometime in the early 1980's. I loved them so much that every time I was invited to a wedding, I choose Woodstock chimes as my gift to the happy couple. My parents still have a set from that time, too.

My handy husband has rebuilt these chimes so many times that the only original parts are the metal tubes themselves, but he knows that I can't live without them, so he keeps coming up with more creative ways to keep them going. You should be able to see the gardening trowel that serves as the wind catcher. I really love these chimes.

L.B., Marcellus, NY

Note from Woodstock Chimes: We have refurbishing services and repair parts available - check it out!

Creating More Zen

I needed to enhance the Zen atmosphere of my outdoor space. The Woodstock Heroic Garden Bell was a perfect addition.

I've even made a movie of it:

J.S., Cortland, OH

An Anniversary Song in Tennessee

I bought these chimes for our anniversary. My husband and I love the gentle musical sound they make. We love rocking on the porch and listening to the chimes. We live in Tennessee and with the view of the hills and the sound of the chimes, it just doesn't get any better!

R.H., Dickson, TN

Keep A Song In Your Heart

"Keep a song in your heart" is a wonderfully positive message. A Woodstock Chimes earring is the perfect fit for my small mixed media collage. It hangs freely on the silver hook and makes an ever-so-soft song when someone walks by. Sometimes the strongest messages are delivered in the quietest ways.

C.M., South Burlington, VT

Gregorian Breezes

It's taken years to collect the entire Gregorian series of Woodstock chimes. My husband and I bought one with wedding money and slowly purchased them until we had them all, from the little Gregorian to the Baritone. Now the Spring and Summer breezes sing when the wind blows through the tree where we've hung the collection. Thankful!

K.T., Eagle, ID

Healing Chime and Hostas

I purchased the Woodstock "Healing Chime" several years ago to add sweet sound to my serene hosta garden. It hangs from a very large pine tree over the hostas growing below. There is a very low concrete bird bath right below the healing chime. Birds and feral kitties drink everyday below the healing chime and it has the softest gentle chime whenever there is a gentle breeze.

I love this wind chime with its Zen-like form and beauty, and the ambiance it adds to my yard.

L.M., Kansas City, MO

Small and Beautiful

My garden is a small one in a small space. So when the wind blows, and it has been blowing in the mountains here, I am surrounded by tried and true melodies that saturate the lilies, roses, host and newly planted herbs with natural notes that encourage abundance and beauty.

L.K., Catskill, NY

Planet Chimes in Colorado

Two Mercury chimes greet us at the entrance of our garden and Neptune hangs in the patio serenading the plants! Woodstock chimes are so well made - they hold up to the elements in Colorado. Guests notice the serene atmosphere immediately and are amazed at the beautiful sounds coming from the chimes! Thank you for sharing your passion and talent in creating such a wonderful balancing tool!

K.J., Brighton, CO

A Peaceful Garden

We love our Dharma cowbell! It gives us such peace to hear its soft bell sending peace and protection throughout our gardens.

J.C., Watertown, NY

A Chime and Piano Duet

I love my Chimes of Provence. Living on a high floor in a city apartment, the lovely sounds of this Woodstock Chime fill our home, every time the wind passes through our balcony. What's more, the notes of this beautiful chime is tuned to one of my favourite pieces of music by Satie - Gnossienne #1. The chime and I can do a duet whenever I play it on the piano!

J.N., Singapore

Chimes of King David in our Eucalyptus Tree

I first saw the King David's Chimes at a local nursery. Its beautiful tones and resonance swept me away. One day my old chimes broke and I decided to purchase my dream chimes! We purchased the King David's Chimes and a very strong bracket and secured them on a big eucalyptus tree just outside our bedroom window. These chimes lull me to sleep, and I have never been happier. Thank you!

P.H., Tuscon, AZ

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

One a year... ...Every year

My husband started to get me Woodstock Chimes for our anniversary, 24th! We just celebrated our 44th! He burns the year into them, now it is what I give for wedding gifts and put a note to the groom as to here is your anniversary gift every year! We love to hear them when the wind blows at our cabin! We love our chimes!

D.M., Brimley Row, MI

Healing Across the Miles

My sister was having brain surgery so I ordered this for her. She sits on her porch and heals the beautiful chimes of healing. I was so impressed with the chimes I ordered one for my husband and me. So now we can share the beautiful sounds with my sister and her husband when we are not able to be together.

C.W., Navarre, FL

Amazing Grace Wind Chime

Pictured in this photograph, along with my Amazing Grace wind chime, is my red standard poodle, Ghillie MacCready. I have hung my beautiful wind chimes on the limb of a huge fur tree. When I work in my garden and there's a gentle breeze blowing, my Ghillie sits beneath the chimes. It is my belief he finds the music soothing. I know I do.

L.R., Acushnet, MA

My Beautiful Old Chime

I received my first Woodstock wind chime as a gift in August of 1999 when I moved to a new home. It hung happily on my front porch and was enjoyed and well taken care of for 11 years. Four years ago I moved to my current home and decided to hang it in the trees where I also hung some bird houses. Sadly, I neglected the chimes and they have deteriorated however they are still beautiful to me. I smile every time the wind blows!

D.C., Hicksville, NY

From Florida to Iowa - A Chime's Journey

my last trip to Orlando 4 or 5 years ago to visit my daughter, we were getting something for her apartment and I saw the windchimes. I was taken by the great sound of them, particularly the Neptune. I bought them, and when it came time to fly back to Des Moines, I realized what a bunch of metal tubes in my checked luggage might look like on the airport x-rays (read 'pipe bombs'??) Think, think! I decided to tape them together in a bundle and carry them on plainly visible. Got a couple of hard looks but no trouble. Safely back in Des Moines, I proudly hung them over our front deck every spring and summer (Iowa winters are not very nice)

Early on this spring, one of the tubes dropped, and I discovered that the strings had frayed in several places from swinging in the wind. I ordered a repair kit and decided to refurbish the whole thing since the wood parts were also showing weather damage from the sun and rain. Since I had it apart to re-string, I went ahead and cleaned and sanded the wood parts, then applied 2 coats of marine spar varnish to give it great weather protection. It looks like new and this winter I will restring it (fall is hard upon us) and it will be ready to hang again next spring and fill my yard with great tones.

S.C., Des Moines, IA

My Backyard Oasis

I can't imagine our backyard without my copper bell fountain! It sits next to the deck and hammock so we can hear the calming sounds of water and soft chimes. So nice for releasing stress. As an added (and unexpected) benefit, the birds drink from it during the hot summer days. The fountain also travels with me to a local tai ji workshop each fall and spreads its calming vibes.

In the 10 years I have owned it, I am only just now replacing the pump. Thank you Woodstock for a beautiful high quality product.

W.F., Oregon, WI


Here are my five Aloha Chimes under my eaves on my front porch. I purchased one and then loved it so much I purchased another, then another, etc. I put up some cup hooks, put a piece of copper pipe up and then put washers on either side of the cords for each chime to keep them in place. I have quite a few Woodstock Chimes, but I really love this grouping!

J.W., Milwaukee, OR

News was a Game Changer

Our son Ian is 16 and was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age 8. It was a struggle prior to his diagnoses and we thought we were failing him as parents. His 4th grade teacher was the first to tell us about A.S.. This news was a game changer for us. It was as if a ton of bricks had been lifted from us!

Now he is thriving in High School and plans to be a computer programmer. He loves anything to do with computers and he amazes his adult counterparts.

We are so proud of him and we know he will go really far.

L.M., Schertz, TX