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Still sounds Awesome

Just entered the [2019 Show Us Your Chimes] contest and wanted to add: although it has become discolored, this windchime has been hanging outdoors since May 2011. Has never needed restringing and still sounds awesome when the wind blows.

C.C., Athens, TX


The Yoga Pavillion

This is the yoga pavillion my husband built for me over the past 5 years (it kept changing) and those are my windsingers outside my door. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer last year and during treatment this was my sanctuary.

V.C., Petersburg, NY.


The Prairie Jasper

This is my smallest chime. I have it hanging from my ceiling fan, it chimes while the fan is moving and when breezes come through my many windows. I love how it sounds and looks in my 1920's bungalow. The Prairie Jasper stone is both very meaningful and beautiful. This stone changes it's look depending on the changing light in the room. I am sending two photos from different directions showing the color diversity in this stone.

M.O., Minneapolis, MN.


A Family Tree

I recently was united with my biological father's family. It was a great reunion. My friend gave me the Tree of Life windchime to celebrate this happy occasion. I have since given one to my new sister.

M.M., Haslet, TX.


Hang so beautifully together

"Home tweet home" and "Thatched Roof" hang so beautifully together and sound amazing! The birds love them also and have already built a nest in the thatched roof home! We love looking out our window to see and hear these beautiful Woodstock Chimes!

L.M., Cleveland, GA.



Our best friend Toby has been battling with cancer for years. At Thanksgiving he came to our house and rebuilt our deck. He passed away in March and our neighbor/friends thought of us and bought us the Amazing Grace Chime to hang on the deck. We will now sit outside daily just to have our conversation with Toby and he lets us know that he is there. Our chime is helping us heal and to be peaceful about his passing.

H.M., LaGrange, KY


Before This Shop

I had been searching for a good place to purchase windchimes for way too long before I found this shop. I am very picky - I don't like what most people sell - they're either really cheaply made or they sound bad or both.

when I first started my quest, I became blue in the face with "amazing grace" windchimes, as that seems to be the ONLY kind people sell these days.

I wanted something unique- and preferably, something that wasn't tuned to a really annoying song. I had a windchime once, that i'd bought at a garden center, the chime was in a box & I couldnt test it out bc there were no displays of it. Well, I put it up & it sounded like it was singing, Figaro. I would have murdered it, eventually, had it not murdered itself with the poor-quality design that fell to pieces within the first month.

I gave up trying to find what I wanted locally - because they never had what I wanted.


That's when I found this shop - and I started looking.... I was like WOW... they really have a wind chime for every type of person on the planet. I mean I was amazed at how many diff. sounds they had.


I really liked the sound room - it made it easy for me to know what it sounded like before I bought it - a feature both that was lacking elsewhere, and something I direly needed to make my choice.

I ended up going with two that were derived from ancient scales. I couldn't get over how much the one sounded like notes out of an orchestra, and the other sounded like the notes that come out of a penny-whistle. While many caught my attention, I just fell in love with these.

One has already been hung up on the porch - the other one I'm waiting or in the mail.

I can say for sure hands down - BEST place I've ever bought chimes from, and I'd definitely buy here again.

T.W., Glade Valley, NC

Love the Sound

I bought one chime years ago love love the sound it is called Earth. Recently moved built a porch and bought a second along with some sun catchers

S.C., Kenner, LA


Happy New Year 2019

Yes HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 and enjoying our Family CHRISTmas Gift HIS AMAZING GRACE JOY HOPE PEACE LOVE .. ts GEORGIA a wonderful ring each day.


National Song of the Choctaw Nation

I purchased the “Amazing Grace” wind chime as a gift for a Friend, a Choctaw storyteller. ‘Amazing Grace’ is the National Song of the Choctaw Nation. So as soon as I saw it was available on your site, I knew where it was going. Thank you for the opportunity to honor a fantastic storyteller & Human Being

F.C., Canyon Lake, TX


Good Memories

My wife died on 9/28/15 from Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  A good friend of mine gave me your "Crystal Guardian Angel Suncatcher-Amethyst".  I hung it from my Rear View Car Mirror and it brings back such good memories my wife & I shared for almost 50 years.
I belong to a Pancreatic Cancer Networking Group. so for Christmas, I bought enough for each well as my Family members.

J.P., Fox River Grove, IL

A Great "Farmwarming" Gift

Witts Ends Holler is what we called it (our farm) cuz we was at our witts ends when we found it! After over a year of travelling with horses and dogs, we found the farm of our dreams. Complete with wildlife aplenty, dragonflies reigned in the pasture and not one mosquito flew. Roadrunners, armadillo, bear, deer, elk, coons, snakes oh my. We moved a farm from a farm, down at the mouth of the holler. Even our beehives brought life and buzz to this mountain retreat with a view. From upstate NY to Arkansas, my Woodstock chimes have followed. This chime was a "farm" warming gift from my mom in Red Hook, NY. The lull of the Ozarks resonates deep as did my Catskills, back in the day. We drink from the well of gratitude and enjoy the gong on the breeze from within...

R.B., Huntington, AR



Lullaby of Birdland

Lullaby of Birdland 

This photo entitled Lullaby of Birdland was taken to enter in your ‘Show Us Your Chimes' contest because I was so amused to learn that my neighbor's chickens enjoy your chimes as much as I do! (Also my significant other is entering a photo and I wanted to get in on the fun). :) 

Our next-door neighbor loves piano music and is always commenting on how much she enjoys hearing the beautiful sound of our Woodstock chime coming from our garden. We came upon this unusual piano chime in a shop and bought it for her as a gift. It was perfect because it was a cute little sculpture of piano keys, and it plays the notes in Beethoven's famous piano tune, Für Elise. We knew she would love it and were waiting for a special occasion to give it to her. 

Earlier this summer she and her husband got six chickens to raise for fun and fresh eggs. "The Ladies" as they call them, live in an adorable little coup on the edge of our yard so we have enjoyed them and their frequent visits. Chickens are fun, but not always the smartest of birds. Often while wandering about they lose track of where they live and are busted off wandering somewhere in the neighborhood with absolutely no regard for their curfew. Life is just one big hen party for these girls. There have been many a night when we were off on a goose (er, a chicken) chaise with flashlights hunting for the ditsy dames. 

Finally, our neighbor's birthday came around and we gave her the Für Elise Piano Chime. She LOVED it and promptly hung the chime out on her deck overlooking the chicken coup. One day, as a prank, I got the brilliant idea to move the chime and hung it in the chicken coup. Amused by my sneaky move, I watched the birds to see their reaction. I was surprised to watch them stop clucking (which rarely happens with women, er, I mean chickens) when the wind blew and the chime played. It was almost as if they stopped to listen. As with most females, it didn't seem to hold their attention for long, but the ladies did seem to enjoy the chimes contribution to their hen house. My neighbor couldn't stop laughing when she saw where her chime had gone. She decided to leave it there where both she and her girls could enjoy it. The chickens got so used to having the sound in their coup that they now associated the song of the chime with home. Now when they wander off my neighbor just wiggles the chime until the ladies waddle home - it seems the sound is even more effective than breadcrumbs to lead the way. It never ceases to amaze me how enjoyable the sounds from Woodstock chimes are, and how they are loved by man and bird alike, hence the title Lullaby of Birdland. …It wouldn't surprise me to see the ladies form a line and do "The Chicken Dance" to the chimes well-know tune!

G.T., Newport, MN


Amazing Grace Hummingbirds

Imagine our surprise and delight when a hummingbird built a nest on top of our Amazing Grace chimes! It was a pleasure to watch the babies hatch, grow and leave the nest, all to the gentle sounds of the chimes in the breeze.

E.R., Carlsbad, CA



My Guardian Angels

My Dad passed away at the wonderful age of 100 in January. He inspired me each and every day with his positive attitude and love of life. Each morning when I am at my kitchen window and see my four "Guardian Angels" - My Dad, My Mom, My Sister and Myself I am reminded how truly blessed I am.

J.F., Aurora, IL