Social Responsibility

"It's the right thing to do."

Garry Kvistad's Signature

That's what Woodstock Chimes founder and owner Garry Kvistad says when asked about the inspiration behind The Woodstock Chimes Fund, the Drum Boogie Festival and our Charitable Chimes™ series. In the past 40 years in business, it's estimated that well over two million dollars have been distributed through both the Woodstock Chimes Fund and product giveback programs. And that doesn't include the many community service hours put in by our staff.


The Woodstock Chimes Fund LogoMission Statement:
The Woodstock Chimes Fund was established in 1986 by Diane & Garry Kvistad, owners of Woodstock Percussion, Inc., to support the community in the Arts, and in Food and Shelter Programs. We believe that a community can be judged by how it values the Arts and the way in which its members respond to those in need. We believe that we have a responsibility as a corporate citizen to give back to the community which has helped make our success possible.

Tell me more:
We started The Woodstock Fund over 20 years ago and have shared our success with the humanitarian and artistic needs locally, nationally and internationally. the Woodstock Chimes Fund helps feed, house and nourish the body and soul through its partner organizations and individuals. Sharing our success with others is an important part of our culture and extends to matching employee donations as well.

We divide the area of need into two sections: humanitarian and the arts. Woodstock Percussion employees are encouraged to make donations to local charities in these areas, which are matched by The Fund. In addition, the owners have been involved in both charitable giving and the governance of many important local organizations. Until recently, Garry was the chairman of the board of the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild which oversees the original arts colony that brought artists to the Hudson Valley beginning in 1903. Diane serves on the board of Family of Woodstock which is an organization founded after the famous 1969 Woodstock Festival to help the community by providing shelters, emergency food pantries, court advocates, counseling and case management services, hotlines and child care support.


Charitable Chimes Logo

In addition to our charitable fund, we also have products which are tied to important causes through a sharing of profits with partner organizations. We call these our "Charitable Chimes". Currently we have 2 Charitable Chime products, one connected to cultural awareness, the other to autism treatment and research.

Proceeds from sales of the Tibetan Prayer Chime™ benefit the Tibet House New York™, which is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture and is associated with the Dalai Lama. 100% of the after tax profits of the Woodstock Chimes for Autism™ is donated to autism research and treatment.

Learn about Tyler, the boy who inspired this chime, and watch a video telling his story.

There is information about the Charitable Chimes program on the participating products' hangtags.

We add and change products from time to time. In the past years, we have been associated with giveback programs with groups such as Hudson River Sloop Clearwater™, Conservation International, the Sierra Club, Trade Plus Aid, September 11 2001 Children's Fund, Inc. and the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS), and organizations dedicated to the battle against breast cancer, to name a few. We are always on the lookout for another good partnership!


Drum Boogie Festival Logo

A celebration of world drums and drummers:
World famous percussionist and Woodstock Chimes founder Garry Kvistad is proud to present the Drum Boogie Festival. This all-day festival is a free event in a comfortable outdoor setting in Woodstock, NY. This fun, family-oriented, multi-cultural event brings together world-class talent while introducing the audience to a variety of styles involving percussion such as jazz, japanese taiko, middle eastern belly dancing (and music!), rock, classical, native american, african, steel pan and much more.

The Drum Boogie Festival is the brainchild of Garry Kvistad, founder of Woodstock Chimes and Executive Director of The Woodstock Chimes Fund, spurred by numerous conversations with New York State Assemblymember Kevin Cahill over a span of several years. Mr. Cahill, a supporter of the arts and lover of percussion, encouraged Garry to develop a multi-cultural festival, celebrating the diverse styles of world percussion. Realizing that it would be impossible to be all inclusive in a one day festival, Garry selected performers to represent world drumming in many distinct forms and the crowds have responded with great enthusiasm.

Drum and percussion are among the oldest and most common instruments in the world and include both the easiest and most difficult instruments to play. Garry called upon colleagues who are the top performers in the world to create a festival that won’t soon be forgotten. World renowned drummers and percussionists perform side-by-side with local professional artists on two stages and it's great fun for all. The Drum Boogie Festival benefits the Family of Woodstock, a haven for those in need since 1970.