Bob Berk – South Daytona, FL

Bob's picture of these sweet little frogs hanging out in his chime tubes has won him an Amazing Grace Chime - Heavenly.

Bob writes: My wife's uncle has a weekend place in Woodstock and bought us a bell as a gift a few years ago. The bell proudly hangs near our front door. We have since bought three more chimes and a large gong as well as given a couple of chimes as gifts.

This particular chime is on our front porch. We first noticed the frogs a few months ago and they have been hanging around since. At night, they leave the chimes and jump on our front windows for "dinner" - they feast on the bugs attracted to the light. The rest of the time, you can find them in the chime tubes. We had to move the chime for Hurricane Irma, and when the time came to move it, there was only one frog still there. He made it through the storm in the garage and is back in place now. We hope his buddies come back soon.

We got a follow-up email from Bob who reports good news: The entire frog family came home after the storm and once again there are frogs in most of the tubes at any given time!


Mary Robbins – Omaha, NE

Mary Robbins does it again! Mary entered this adorable picture of her 14 year young puppy holding a Woodstock Chime, and it won her an Amazing Grace Chime - Heavenly.

Mary writes: Who said you can’t teach an old dog a new trick? Betty Jane loves to shake hands and I love Woodstock windchimes. Put the two together and Wa Lah! Thank you Woodstock for great sounding chimes and your fun contest.



Renee McCarty - Chula Vista, CA

This one-in-a-million shot of a Monarch Butterfly perched on the windcatcher of a Butterfly's Farewell chime won an Amazing Grace Chime - Large for the photographer, Renee McCarty.

Renee writes: Our first Woodstock wind chime was purchased here in San Diego, CA. I had to get one, as it was made in Shokan, N.Y. and my parents and family are from the Ulster Co. area!

I have raised hundreds of Monarchs over the past 3 years. It's a joy to give back to nature and is kind of a therapy for me after losing our son in 2014.

When the Monarchs hatch our Woodstock Chimes welcome them into the world with their beautiful tunes. A video of a Monarch hatching to our wind chimes was posted to the Woodstock Chimes Facebook page in May, 2017.

We are truly a Woodstock chime family residing in California, Kentucky, Nevada and, of course, New York - Ulster Co.!

We love your wind chimes!



Nancy Robson - Rochelle Park NJ

This beautiful sunset picture of our Woodstock Healing Chime was taken from the deck of Nancy's weekend house in Vermont. Near the Vermont, NY border, the mountains in the distance could very well be our beloved Catskill Mountains!