Melanie Clary - Frisco, Colorado

For this colorful shot of a Woodstock Feng Shui Chime held by her pup, Melanie received a Woodstock Gregorian Baritone Chime.

Melanie writes: "I was out walking my dogs and taking photos of the chime in various scenic locations around the mountain lake near our home. I was trying to think of a unique setting for the chime, when Zoe (my 5 year old boxer/staffy mix) came and sat beside me in the flowers. She has a malocclusion (as most boxers do) and so her lower canines are extremely prominent. I wondered if she’d let me hang the chime in her mouth secured on her canines. She absolutely didn’t seem to care! In fact she sat there long enough for me to take about 8 pictures. Then she just nonchalantly spit the chimes cord out and sauntered off to sniff around a bit more. I thought the picture was cute and certainly unique…so I decided to send it in to the contest!



Mary Robbins - Omaha, Nebraska

For this creative shot of a well-loved classic Woodstock Chime, Mary received a Woodstock Gregorian Tenor Chime.

Mary writes: "I have several Woodstock wind chimes and love them all. My river birch tree died, I just could not cut it down to the ground. I painted the tree with lots of colors and attached two broken wagon wheel rims. The circles were a perfect place to embrace one of my larger Woodstock chimes. Thank you for the years of enjoyment your chimes have given me.

Woodstock chimes make great gifts. In the past I have surprised friends by hanging a Woodstock chime on their porch. It’s really a fun thing to do."



Bob Hetherington - Monroe, New York

For this picturesque shot of a large Heroic Windbell, Bob received a Woodstock Gregorian Alto Chime.

Bob writes: "I was inspired to build this once I saw the bell at one of your sales. It is the beginning of my Japanese garden. More to come. Right now I have around 12 Woodstock chimes including the King of Chimes the King David. I am happy to be a winner."