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NEXUS Percussion CD - Persian Songs main image

NEXUS Percussion CD - Persian Songs


A CD by NEXUS Percussion - Garry Kvistad, founder & owner of Woodstock Chimes, is a member of NEXUS and performs on this CD.

Garry Kvistad, is more than a company executive, he's also a GRAMMY award-winning musician. Garry has performed around the world with a number of orchestras and has been a member of NEXUS since 2002. Considered one of, if not the, premier percussion ensembles in the world today, the New York Times has called NEXUS the "high priests of the percussion world."

NEXUS joins with classical vocalist, Sepideh Raissadat, on this CD with eight Persian songs by Reza Ghassemi, a well-known novelist, theatre director and musician who now lives in Paris. The songs are arranged by NEXUS member Russell Hartenberger. Also on the CD is Hartenberger's Moondog Suite, arranged for NEXUS in 2014. The six pieces in the suite were composed by Louis Hardin (1916-1999) a self-taught blind street musician who lived in New York City and came to be known as Moondog.

This CD appeared on the December 2015 Hotlist - Pick of the Month. Here's what they had to say about this CD:
The percussion quartet Nexus has prepared two suites of arrangements for this recording: the first is a set of six compositions by the famous outsider composer Moondog; the second is a suite of seven songs by contemporary Iranian composer Reza Ghassemi and performed by Nexus with singer and setar player Sepideh Raissadat. The two parts of the program could hardly be more different, but each is gorgeous in its own way: the Moondog pieces with their shimmering, pulsating tonality, and the Ghassemi pieces with their complex melodies and Raissadet's supple, expressive singing. In both cases you'll hear echoes of 1970s minimalism, but that's about all they have in common stylistically. Highly recommended.