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Woodstock Chimes Warranty Service

If your Woodstock Chime product arrives damaged or breaks within our 1 year warranty we will replace it with new.

To determine if your product qualifies for warranty service:

  • Email us. Please include documentation that you have a Woodstock Chimes product and that it is within warranty, which should include:
                      Pictures of your broken chime, making sure to include the windcatcher and any writing or details that would help us identify it as one of our products.
                      Proof of purchase date or date you received the chime.
  • You can send us your chime and we will take care of recycling all the parts.
            Make sure you include your contact information with the chime, including your name, address, phone and email.
            Send the chime to:
                        Woodstock Chimes Warranty Program
                        167 DuBois Road
                        Shokan, NY 12481

Once we've determined that your chime is one of our products and that it meets our criteria, our warranty department will be in touch with you.