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Garry's Sonic Mixes

Groups of Woodstock products that sound good together

All Woodstock Chimes are musically tuned by a process that is unique to our industry. We use a sophisticated digital analysis that is hundreds of times more sensitive than the human ear. This equipment is part of a climate-controlled tuning environment, which ensures very high quality. In fact, we are the only windchime company that offers a lifetime tuning guarantee.

This is why all of our chimes sound great together. We have found that many of our customers collect chimes and often ask for recommendations of other chimes to combine. The following list was compiled by Garry Kvistad, founder of Woodstock Chimes. Garry is also a professional musician, and these are his suggestions of significant combinations that have connections musically, culturally or historically.

You can also go to any chime's product page and click on the links in the "Sounds Good With" tab to see what chimes Garry particularly likes in combination with that chime.