Happy Birthday Chime
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Happy Birthday Chime

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Dimensions: 22 in. Overall Length
Materials: Teak finish ash wood, 6 silver tubes, removable windcatcher for easy customization.


Tuned to notes from the popular song.

This cheerful chime is tuned to the instantly recognizable notes from "Happy Birthday," the song most frequently sung in the English language. Written by sisters and elementary school educators Patty and Mildred Hill in 1893, the original words were "Good Morning to All." The tune was adapted to "Happy Birthday to You," and that is the version that is so popular today.

Makes a great gift for him or her, adults and children alike.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.


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1. Anonymous User on 12/21/2017, said:
I love my birthday chimes! Here’s a quick story about the first set of Woodstock Chimes that I bought 28 years ago. I live on 5.5 Acres that back up onto hundreds of acres of protected land. I have a small meditation/camp area way out behind my house, deep into the woods. I decided That I wanted my chimes out there. My special area has a very old red cedar tree in it. I climbed as high into the tree as I could and hung my chimes out on the limb of a branch. I loved hearing its music as I walked out to commune with Nature. About a week after hanging them up, my approach was noticibly silent. I was heartbroken that the chimes were gone! I couldn’t see them, but I also couldn’t believe that anyone could have taken them. I climbed the tree just to be sure that they hadn’t slipped off the branch and were hidden by the greenery. I searched the ground in case the wind had knocked them down. Remember, this was 28 years ago. I had scrimped and saved to buy them. While I have had many chimes over the years, none can compare to the pure tones of Woodstock Chimes. I had paid about $40 dollars for them which was a fortune for me. I was still in school and money was very tight. I was heartbroken. It’s taken me quite a long time to rebuild my Woodstock Chimes collection. Now I only hang them in the trees close to the house or on our deck. As much as I’d love to go back out and hang them on the old red cedar tree, I won’t risk losing them again. The sound of the chimes is so beautiful that I had to assume the fairies took them out of jealousy! Was this comment helpful? yes no (2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Showing comments 1-1 of 1