Woodstock Chimes Sightings

It's always exciting to see our products in newspapers and magazines, as well as on tv and in the movies.
Here are some instances when our products were mentioned or seen.

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Garry Kvistad Giving a TedX Talk

Woodstock Chimes founder and owner Garry Kvistad was a featured speaker at TEDx Navesink on April 9, 2016. Garry was one of 28 people selected from over 100 to speak about what he had created. In his talk entitled "Good Vibrations", Garry describes how his fascination with ancient musical scales as a young music student led him to make his first metallophone from discarded lawn chairs.

Click here to watch the video and learn all about how Woodstock Chimes came to be!

Woodstock Chimes in a Garry Bowman Song

Gary Bowman is the director of a set of charter Montessori schools in California. Apparently he also plays and records music for children. In this song you’ll hear the Woodstock Zenergy Chime – Trio. Gary says, “I purchased my Zenergy Trio at an AMS [American Montessori Society] conference...the chimes were so well-pitched, I used them on a music recording.”

Listen to the song here.

Woodstock Chimes On Bravo

Woodstock Chimes were prominent in a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Episode 2 of season 12, "It's Either My Way Or The Feng Shui," starts with Shannon meeting with her Feng Shui expert. Starting at 2:02 into the episode and continuing for about 2 minutes you see she has a 5 Woodstock Chimes boxes sitting on her dining room table. Don't know which ones they are - I wonder which Woodstock Chime would be Shannon's favorite?

Check out the full episode here.

Woodstock Chime's in Bethoven's 5th

A Woodstock Temple Bells® - Quintet, Copper chime hangs from the family porch in this 2003 animal comedy film Beethoven's 5th. In the small mining town of Quicksilver, mischievous Beethoven (a comedic St. Bernard dog) unearths clues to a legendary hidden fortune, setting off a frenzied hunt for riches throughout town. All the while, this little treasure of 5 bells hangs in plain view.

The SUNY New Paltz Music Department

The SUNY New Paltz music department has been experimenting with robots playing various instruments, one of which is our very own Zenergy Chime - Quintet.

Click Here to check out a video of the robot playing our Zenergy Chime.

In The Philadelphia Inquirer

In an article entitled "The Answer is Blowing in the Wind Chimes" Lisa Scottoline of the Philadelphia Inquirer discusses her newfound love and appreciation for wind chimes. In the article, Lisa references several Woodstock chimes such as our Spanish Garden Chime  and Amazing Grace Chime.

In "Grace And Frankie" On Netflix

Check it out - our Woodstock Capiz Solar Chime - White was seen at the beginning of Episode 6, Season 3 of the Netflix show "Grace and Frankie". This episode, titled "The Pot," debuted March 24, 2017 - we're always excited when we see our products in TV shows - especially ones with such a talented cast. The four main characters are played by Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston.

Featured In The Property Brothers

On March 24, 2017, Drew Scott was enjoying the calming sounds of our Chimes of Lun® while Jonathan Scott was grooving to the sound with his smoooooth moves. It was their way of getting ready for a smooth, calm weekend.

Click here to watch the video.

Featured On CBS Sports

This is a moving story about Zaevion Dobson, a teenager from Knoxville, TN who died shielding three young girls from a shooting. He gave his life to save theirs. His mom has a Woodstock Chimes Crystal Fantasy - Angel hanging from her rear view mirror (see picture at right). Watch the video below - you'll see the Crystal Angel at the 2:31 mark. This video was featured in honor of Zaevion before Superbowl 50 in 2016.

Featured in Shape Magazine

The July/August 2015 issue of Shape Magazine featured a write up on how sound can be used to relieve stress. The article quotes Heidi Ahonen, Ph.D., a professor of music therapy at Wilifrid Laurier University in Ontario: <i>"Several studies show that music activates areas in the limbic system to prompt the release of endorphins and dopamine, two pleasure hormones, and to decrease levels of cortisol, a stress hormone."

We've known that listening to our chimes helps shut off anxiety and induce calm, but now there's proof! Or at least it's in writing!

Featured in HGTV Magazine

One of the employees here at Woodstock Chimes offered up her copy of HGTV Magazine so we could share it with you - thanks, Connie!

Check it out - our Encore Chimes of Earth - Verdigris are featured in the "in the yard" column of the June, 2015 issue. This colorful chime is tuned to a pentatonic scale for a beautiful, harmonious song. You can hear it and all our chimes on our sound room.

Lining the Street in Winston-Salem NC

Woodstock Chimes founder and owner Garry Kvistad is a member of the NEXUS Percussion Group. After a performance, the producer took them out to dinner in the arts district of Winston-Salem. To their surprise, from every light pole on that block hung a Woodstock Chime. Garry said it was pretty spectacular. Imagine what it must be like on a windy day when all the chimes are ringing!

in Rick Danko's song "Change Is Good"

The chimes heard at the beginning and end of the late Rick Danko's (the bassist for The Band) song, "Change is Good" are Woodstock Chimes? Rumor has it the chimes were hanging in the studio and were in perfect harmony with the song, so they were played and became part of the recording. You can listen to the song here. It was Danko who found the house on Parnassus Lane in Saugerties, NY that became known as Big Pink.

Featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Recommended as the Zenlike approach for meditators, the Zenergy Chime - Solo, Mini was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Appeared on Giada At Home

On February 6th, the Woodstock Healing Chime had repeated appearances on Giada De Laurentiis' show, Giada At Home. She was cooking for a day of Yoga by the pool with her friends, and they kept showing the Healing Chime and you could hear it playing in the background. Pretty cool! Turns out it was a repeat from Season 2 - episode 7 called "Body and Soul". I can't find a clip of it, but here's a picture of Giada with the Healing Chime behind her.

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide discusses a fantastic addition to your wedding celebration: hanging chimes from tree branches at an outdoor ceremony or cocktail party or giving them as gifts to your wedding party.  Read the article here.

Woodstock Chimes On Fox

Woodstock Chimes made an appearance in a recent episode of Last Man on Earth. Starting at 14:44 into the episode "Special Delivery" (Season 4 Episode 14), a wide array of Woodstock Chimes are seen being set up as a "makeshift alarm system."

Check out the full episode here

Woodstock Chimes On Grey's Anatomy

The Meredith Grey drama in Grey’s Anatomy continues, and our Habitats - Dragonfly Windbell, Verdigris is right in the middle of it. In Season 15, Episode 23 — What I Did for Love — you can see our Habitats - Dragonfly Windbell, Verdigris hanging in the kitchen scene, between the glass fronted cupboards and the window.­
Will Meredith be able to wash her hands of this latest drama? Will Webber help her and how will DeLuca react? However it turns out, we’re just crazy in love with Meredith’s impeccable taste.

Woodstock Chimes On
The Late Show with Steven Colbert

Our American Song Whistle was featured in the opening sequence of The Late Show with Steven Colbert on July 23rd, 2019. In a political parody of the upcoming testimony by Robert Mueller in front of Congress, the sequence claimed sensitive testimony would be obscured by the "Secretary of Slidewhistles." Watch it here.

Woodstock Chimes &
The Peaceful Music Wind Chimes Project

In November 2018, the worst fire in California history, the Camp Fire, devastated the towns of Paradise, Magalia, Pulga, and Concow. In response local Butte County 4-H members initiated a project to benefit the survivors of the Camp Fire while providing opportunities for survivors to join with other Butte County residents to connect as a community. Sharing in the belief that music is both peaceful and healing, Woodstock Chimes donated one hundred twenty-five “Bells of Paradise” wind chimes to the Peaceful Music Wind Chimes Project.

Watch a video about the project here.