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Kids love these wearable jingle bells! Only from Woodstock!

The best available! Each JingleBand has four bells riveted onto a 9.5 inch-long strap with a kid-friendly hook and loop fastener. This trio of JingleBands includes one of each color: red, green and blue.

Each JingleBand consists of 4 sleigh bells attached to a colorful cloth band. During the Roman Empire, sleigh bells were mounted on the reins of a Knight's horse to indicate wealth as well as for decoration and show. A good luck charm, these bells quickly became a warning signal to other drivers and pedestrians that a sleigh was near.

Hold your JingleBand in your hand or attach it around your wrist; it can be played many ways. Hold it in the air and shake it. Tap rhythms by holding it in one hand and hitting the fist of that hand with your other fist. You can also imitate a horse and sleigh by tapping the JingleBand at a speed that reminds you of a sleigh ride.

Learn more about JingleBands.

Ages 3+

JingleBand Trio - Red Green Blue

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