This special, hand-tuned, hand-rubbed, LIMITED EDITION musical metal drum is mesmerizing to hear and play. It's very easy to play to create magical sounds. A protective metal lid with a handle for safe transport is included. Watch the video!

Inspired by the original Swiss made Hang, this hand pan generally sits in the player's lap and is played with the hands and fingers rather than mallets or sticks. This drum is tuned to a C Major scale without the B note. The lowest note on the drum is an F and because that is not the tonic note (the "Do" in "Do Re Mi"), it makes the C Major scale sound modal (Mixolydian Mode, to be exact), which is ideal for improvisation. You can really lose yourself in the music with this fascinating drum.

See a longer video of Woodstock Chimes founder and owner Garry Kvistad, playing this drum.

  • The Woodstock Zenergy Pan has a mesmerizing sound that induces a state of hypnotic peace and joy in both the listener and the player.
  • Hand-rubbed finish creates a smooth surface; your hands will virtually glide across the drum's face.
  • Carefully crafted in a process that takes days to complete.
  • Comes with a super sturdy metal lid with a handle and protective rubber base for safe and easy transport.
  • Through a process of multiple heat treatments, the metal is tempered to the correct degree to yield a hardened finish which produces its distinctive sound and beautiful finish.
  • Hand-tuned by master musicians to the modern tuning standard of A440.
  • The drum has nine notes on the top and another playing surface on the bottom for non-pitched rhythmic drumming.
  • The bottom hole can be used as an additional sound source similar to the hole of the Udu drum of Nigeria. The player produces a bass sound by hitting the hole with the flat of their hand and quickly pulling it away. This creates a pitch change known as a bend or glissando.
  • Can be played with Western instruments and is a great addition to any drum circle.

Woodstock Zenergy Pan - High - LIMITED EDITION

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