Woodstock Chimes for Autism - Video Outtakes

These video clips fell on the editing room floor - didn't quite make it into the video, but they're fun to watch anyways. Enjoy!

Tyler was very excited to see Garry's studio

There are lots of instruments and chimes and bells - and one "tiki" toy that Tyler likes quite well.


A performance features Garry and Tyler

Woodstock Chimes founder and owner Garry Kvistad has created an unusual intrument of large chime tubes that work in concert with "standard" size windchimes which are numbered in the order in which they are played. Here's Garry and Tyler performing.
this is the 2-minute version, there's a quick 15-second clip below


Here's the short clip of Tyler and Garry's performance.


Doesn't every company have a secret room?

There's a secret room in the Woodstock Chimes warehouse where we have one of every current chime on display. Tyler had a great time exploring!


We also have a bamboo room

Here's Tyler touring the bamboo chime room at our warehouse



This clip has snippets from interviews with Garry Kvistad, founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes and professional musician, and Jamey Wolff, co-founder and program director of Center for Spectrum Services in Kingston, New York. They're both talking about Tyler Doi, an amazing young man with autism who can identify individual Woodstock Chimes when he hears them play.