Tyler Doi Through the Years

We first heard about Tyler Doi in 2012. His father, Sean, came in 2nd place in our annual Show Us Your Chimes photo contest (see Sean's winning picture here) and sent us a note about his son, who loved Woodstock Chimes and had an amazing skill - Tyler could identify our chimes by name just by hearing them ring! We were fascinated!

The Dois brought Tyler to meet us in 2013, at which time Garry was thrilled to fulfill one of Tyler's dreams by giving him a Windsinger Chimes of King David. We got the idea of doing a video of Tyler and his incredible talent (you can see it here), and ever since then, Tyler has been a wonderful ambassador for us, representing our chimes and especially our Woodstock Chimes for Autism.

Here is a slideshow of Tyler with his chime throughout the years