Garry's sonic mixes

Groups of Woodstock products that sound good together
The Woodstock Music Collection Mix

These instruments can play notes from the Key of C and work well together musically.
Many have won Parents' Choice and/or Oppenheim Awards.

  • Woodstock Kid's Accordion
  • Woodstock Junior Accordion (plays in any key)
  • Chimalong
  • Chimalong Deluxe
  • Chimalong XR
  • Mini Chimalong
  • Woodstock Kid's Guitar (plays in any key)
  • Woodstock Folk Guitar (plays in any key)
  • Blues Band Harmonica
  • Woodstock Plastic Kazoo (plays in any key)
  • Woodstock Kid's Recorder
  • American Slide Whistle (plays in any key)
  • Woodstock Ukulele (plays in any key)
  • Woodstock Club Ukulele (plays in any key)

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