Chime Repair Kits

Repair kits are available for our the more traditional Woodstock Chimes.
Depending on the style of your Woodstock Chime(s), you may purchase one of the following types of kits:

  • Top wood piece
  • String for restringing your chime
  • Center string and windcatcher
  • Center string, windcatcher and clapper

To initiate this service, please fill out our Repair Kit Request form below. After you transmit the completed form to us, we will provide you with further information, including the cost of the repair kit you have selected.

Prices are based on the style of chime.
If you are unsure what chime you have, give us as much descriptive information as you can (see note in the form below for details of what will help us figure out what chime it is).

Please Note, payment is by check or credit card only.