Chime Refurbishing

Refurbishing services are available for many Signature Chimes. Depending on the style of chime, we will replace the wood and string parts, re-string the chime and ship it back to you for a fee.

To initiate this service, please fill out our Refurbish Request form below. After you transmit the completed form to us, we will provide you with further information, including a Return Authorization number, shipping instructions and the exact cost to refurbish your Woodstock Chimes.

If the chime is not listed on the Refurbish Request form, we do not provide refurbishing services for that chime at this time.

Prices are based on the style of chime.
If you are unsure what chime you have, check the windcatcher (that's the piece that hangs below the chime tubes) and see if the chime name is listed there. No luck? Click "Unknown" and fill in the number of tubes, the length of the longest and shortest tube, the tube color and shape and the color of wood, as well as the diameter (across) and shape of the top wood piece.
It's also helpful if you email us a photo of your chime. If you do send a photo, be sure to note that you are sending a photo in the "Quick Note" section of the form below.

Please Note, payment is by check or credit card only.

When packing up your chime(s) for shipment, please do not tape the tubes together, as this leaves residue that is difficult to remove. If you need to, please use rubber bands to keep the tubes together.