The Magical Mystery of Octave Doubling

Our Magical Mystery Chimes feature a musical phenomenon known as "Octave Doubling".

Here's how it works - you remember the Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do scale from the Sound of Music? The "Do" note that comes at the start and end of this scale are the same note, an octave apart. Notes separated by an octave are considered harmonically equivalent and "ring" together in a way that adds a pleasing sound to the music.

Our Magical Mystery Chimes take this theory to the extreme - all the notes of the chime are matched with its "octave double". Never before used in windchimes, this special tuning creates a heightening of the harmonics, creating a song that must be heard to be believed.

Below is a comparison of our Magical Mystery Chimes.
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Magical Mystery Chime
Calypso Island

Magical Mystery Chime
Butterfly's Farewell

Magical Mystery Chime
Taj Mahal

Magical Mystery Chime
Space Odyssey

Tuned to the last notes of
"Yellow Bird"

Tuned to the finale of
"Madame Butterfly"

Tuned to a
North Indian Raga scale

Tuned to the opening of
"2001: A Space Odyssey"

Listen to Calypso Island

Listen to Butterfly's Farewell Listen to Taj Mahal Listen to Space Odyssey
Magical Mystery Chimes Calypso Island Magical Mystery Chimes Butterflys Farewell Magical Mystery Chimes Taj Mahal Magical Mystery Chimes Space Odyssey

The notes D, C, B, A, G
are repeated
one octave apart

The notes D, E, G, A, B
are repeated
one octave apart
The notes D, E, F#, A, C#
are repeated
one octave apart
The notes D, A, D
are repeated in 4 octaves.
It's an Octave Quadruple!


These chimes sound good together, as well. To hear them play at the same time, click each of the above listen buttons. The sound players will open in separate windows - you can pause and play them as much as you like!