Here's your August horoscope - the birthstone for August is Peridot.


Loyalty, confidence and an understanding and caring nature are just a few qualities bestowed upon August-born individuals. Their dynamic and charming personalities, combined with a "glass half full" outlook on life, will win over even the gloomiest person. They will typically reach the top of whatever field they pursue and tend to achieve their highest goals, outshining competitors along the way. An air of royalty seems to radiate from these individuals, and they do love to be adored for their many wonderful traits! But don't be fooled, the adoration is reciprocal, as they are extremely protective and fiercely devoted to those who are close to them. Fun-loving and witty, they can be the life of the party, or might be seen keeping the lone wallflower company, making sure everyone is having as much fun as they are!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the beginning of August marks the heart of the summer season. Outdoor gatherings with family and friends, days at the beach, and backyard BBQs are the common themes. The brightness and heat of the sun may be what comes to mind for many when thinking about the month of August, and these qualities are evident in individuals born at this time of year.

Peridot is the traditional birthstone for August. Historically called olivine for its beautiful green hue, this stone is said to increase confidence and assertiveness. Resonating at a high frequency, peridot is excellent for manifesting whatever the wearer or holder desires.


Here are great gifts for folks who were born in August

The birthstone for August is peridot. Here are products that incorporate peridot or light green in their design:

Frances Scott Key and Claude Debussy both have birthdays in August.

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