Here's your June horoscope - the color for June is light amethyst.

Sharp intellect, creativity, and a nurturing touch are just a few of the characteristics that can be expected of those born in the month of June. Their sense of humor, wittiness, ability to win any debate and child-like inquisitiveness makes these people well liked and adored by many. Bringing a lightness to any atmosphere, they are typically bright and cheerful. It must be recognized that these individuals are extremely sensitive and easily hurt. Rarely will they trust their heart and emotions with others, so if you are one of the lucky few, feel honored!

In the Northern Hemisphere June ushers in the summer season. Mother Nature has been hard at work and spring is wrapping up, ready to let summer do its part. The hours of daylight are gradually increasing as the sun travels towards its northernmost point. Nature is in full bloom and everything is alive! Those born in June radiate a liveliness that is refreshing and pure.

Light amethyst represents the traditional birthstones of June: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Each shares similar iridescent and shimmering qualities, representing strengthened intuition, purity, and increased fertility.

Here are great gifts for folks who were born in June

The color for June is light amethyst. Here are products that incorporate light amethyst or light purple in their design:

A number of composers were born in June. Here are chimes that are tuned to pieces by composers born this month:

Depending on what source you reference, the bird for those born in June is either the eagle or the dove.

June's flower is the rose, so here's one last gift idea:

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