Here's your May horoscope - the color for March is emerald green.

The motivated, intellectually quick individuals born in May can have whatever they want if they harness the magnificent gifts bestowed upon them. They are always on a mission, which typically has to do with bettering the world and standing up to those who have stepped out of line. They are controlled and well-spoken, and quite often get whatever they want due to their ability to see all points from A to Z.

In the Northern Hemisphere spring is in full swing! Mother Nature is productive and working hard. If you are born in May you will probably find a special connection to nature. Whether through being outdoors, or feeling a devotion to animals or plants, you are naturally in your element and will find balance through these things.

May’s birthstone, the emerald, is believed in many cultures to be the bringer of the fertilizing rains of spring. It is also the stone of the goddess Venus, conjuring up thoughts of love, beauty and joy. Those born in May are endowed with the hope and optimism of the season!

Here are great gifts for folks who were born in March

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