Here's your March horoscope - the color for March is aquamarine.

Those born in the month of March are intuitive and sensitive souls. At any given moment they are either working on a dream or daydreaming about it.

Being a good listener comes naturally to these folks, as they have a sympathetic ear for all. They can be quiet, but don't be fooled! Underneath they are observing and studying, as they love to understand the hows and whys of what is in front of them.

In the Northern Hemisphere we experience winter and spring in March, representing the transition into the next cycle of life. If you are born in March you may find that your life tends to have a rather regenerative theme to it.

Aquamarine, which means "of the sea," is said to calm anxiety, increase courage, and provide foresight. In the past, aquamarine was the stone worn or carried by sailors on long voyages, in the belief that it would shield them from storms and rough seas.

Here are great gifts for folks who were born in March

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