Here's your July horoscope - the color for July is ruby red.

The inspirational souls born in the month of July have a warm and ethical approach to all they do. Deeply emotional, they learn through life experiences how to best channel this energy into helping others. They have a love of home and family and can be very protective of those they care for. Their door is always open to those in need, and they feel fulfilled when they have effectively nurtured someone or bettered a situation. They possess a natural affinity for children, animals, and the outdoors. Detailed, organized, and sometimes a bit critical, they are perfectionists who expect the best out of everyone (themselves included). These individuals tend to be proud of their accomplishments, and have every right to be!

In the Northern Hemisphere summer is in full swing! July is traditionally a time to enjoy being together, sharing family vacations at the beach, outdoor gatherings and reunions with family and friends. The warmth of this time of year is reflected in those born in the month of July.

Ruby is the traditional birthstone for July. Representing the sun's warmth and its commanding power, this stone evokes passion, courage and love. When worn on the left hand, it is said to bring good luck to the wearer.

Here are great gifts for folks who were born in July

July's zodiac is the crab, which is a water sign.
Here are some water-related chimes that make great gifts.

The bird for those born in July is the eagle.

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