Chimes for Autism

The Story of the Woodstock Chimes for Autism™

The Woodstock Chimes for Autism was inspired by several uplifting stories shared by loyal Woodstock Chimes customers. One story about a young boy, Tyler, stands out.

Tyler has autism and lives near Toronto, Canada. By far one of Woodstock Chimes' biggest fans, Tyler's musical acuity is so strong that when a musically-tuned Woodstock Chime is rung, he can identify it by name. To honor Tyler - and to support all those living with autism - Woodstock Chimes created the Woodstock Chimes for Autism, with 100% of the wholesale after-tax profits from this chime going to autism treatment and research.

Mozart and the Woodstock Chimes for Autism™

One aspect of autism is hypersensitivity to sound.¹ Studies have found that music therapy can assist with some of the challenges attributed to autism.² Mozart's music, in particular, has been a blessing for some individuals living with autism.³ The Woodstock Chimes for Autism features a specially designed clapper, so its soothing tones ring more gently. The chime is musically-tuned to a melody from Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21.

The Woodstock Chimes for Autism also features a bright, nickel-plated windcatcher with the symbolic, multi-colored puzzle pieces. This distinctive logo was created in 1963 by the National Autistic Society. Since then, the interlocking, multi-colored puzzle piece has become an international symbol for autism. It is a symbol of solidarity among those who promote and support autism awareness.

² Autism Science Foundation
³Awakening Ashley

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Dr. Kenneth A. Bock is board certified in Family Medicine and is a Certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist with more than 25 years experience, including working with those living with autism. You can learn more about Dr. Bock and Bock Integrative Medicine here.