Starlight Chimes Bundle

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Starlight Chimes Bundle

Starlight Chimes Bundle

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Star Light,
Star Bright,
First star I see tonight...

Many people make a wish on the first star they see each night. Why wait? Our Starlight Chimes let you make wishes even when the sun's out! Whether you save these little gems for the holidays or display them all year long, they're more than ornaments, they're a wish come true.

This bundle includes 1 of each color Starlight Chime and saves you 10% over buying the chimes individually.

Specifically, this assortment includes:

1 STARGO Starlight Chime - Gold
1 STARS Starlight Chime - Silver
1 STARGR Starlight Chime - Green
1 STARR Starlight Chime - Red

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