Petite Pro Violin

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Petite Pro Violin

Petite Pro Violin

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This half-sized violin and its bow come in a sturdy, velvet-lined case.

The Woodstock Petite Pro Violin looks just like a professional full-size instrument, made smaller so kid's can play it. The instrument is beautiful. It has wooden tuning pegs, a natural wood finish, and a tail that has both the chin rest and fine tuning adjuments. Suitable for taking lessons, the violin comes with a bow, rosin, an extra set of strings and care instructions, all packed in a handsome, sturdy case that is lined in dark green velvet to protect the instrument.

Download additional songs to play on your Woodstock Petite Pro Violin.

Download care instructions for your Woodstock Petite Pro Violin.
Age Grade:  Ages 6 and up
Dimensions:  Violin: 21 in. Long, 7 in. Wide, 3.5 in. Deep
Case: 28 in. Long, 9 in. Wide, 5 in.

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