Soloist - Pipedream with Bonus CD

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Soloist - Pipedream with Bonus CD

Soloist - Pipedream with Bonus CD

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A beautiful sound - anyone can play - perfect for musical self-discovery.

Our Pipedream is a beautiful sounding metallophone instrument that is perfect for playing simple melodies or improvising. It is made with the same musically-tuned tubes we use in our world famous Woodstock Chimes and is tuned to a pentatonic (five-note) scale, rooted in the music of ancient civilizations. Playing the Pipedream is easy and very satisfying. You can try the familiar songs printed in the song sheet such as Amazing Grace (with numerical notation for those who don't read music), or experiment by creating your own tunes. It also comes with a bonus CD of original music that you can jam along with as the soloist. Any way you use it we think you'll enjoy playing the Pipedream as much as we do. It's like a (pipe) dream come true!

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Listen to a sample of the CD.

Download additional songs to play on your Pipedream!
Dimensions:  20 in. Long, 11 in. Wide
Materials:  Cherry finish ash wood base, 8 silver aluminum tubes, 2 mallets.

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